How can I utilise my office space better?

Workspace optimisation is all about making your existing space work better for your business. Reviewing the simple elements which make up the workplace such as, workstations or storage can have a big impact and create additional space – see space planning example 1 and our optimised version 2 of the same space.

You could also take your workplace optimisation exercise a stage further by engaging an experienced workplace consultant to help you challenge how you work. Example 3, illustrates the impact of activity based planning. All employees have a choice of working env...

Posted in Interiors - 23rd October, 2017

Why you should use a Recruiter – 5 reasons for Businesses

For some, investing trust and money in a recruiter may seem an antiquated and unnecessary method of finding candidates. It is 2017 after all. Surely utilising social media and posting on job boards is enough to reach the people you want and watch the applications roll in? Hmmm, perhaps. You might fill a few positions like that, but we think recruiters add value in ways you may not have considered. Here are five of them:

1.Recruiters speed up the process & save you money.

Keeping a vacancy open is costly, not only because of the ongoing costs associated with adve...

Posted in Recruitment - 17th October, 2017

Apprenticeships go from Strength to Strength.

It is now five years since we began our Apprenticeship Scheme here at Ben Johnson Technology.

Back in 2012 we welcomed Pete Boden, our very first Apprentice Service Technician to the organisation, and after a strong start Pete is now a fully qualified engineer and a vital member of Technical Services team. In fact, Pete’s time as apprentice was so successful that we have since welcomed two further members of staff under the scheme; Marcin Duczynski (pictured above) and Ben Senior whom Pete now mentors and trains. Here we catch up with Pete on his five-year anniversar...

Posted in Technology - 10th October, 2017

Why you should use a Recruiter : 6 reasons for Candidates

We’ve all been there;

you get an incoming call from an unknown number and it turns out to be a recruiter (groan). To most people, unsolicited calls like this are only marginally less annoying than those from a PPI call centre. You are not alone in wishing you’d screened them, followed by experiencing dread / irritation / “why-can’t-they-leave-me-alone?”-type feelings. And another thing: why do they always seem to be roles that are at least two levels too junior for you? Or in a completely different sector? Believe it or not, it’s happened to us too.

But wait! Befo...

Posted in Recruitment - 21st September, 2017

An "Executive" by any other name would smell as sweet…

What’s in a name? And what’s in a Job Title to be more precise?

Ever been a Director but not on The Board? A Manager without a team? An Executive of little more than the paperclips on your desk? Some professionals would say that job titles are completely meaningless, and to a degree they are right. In a business environment where companies are permitted to dream up their own job titles, from the humdrum to the downright whacky (Director of Moonshots, anyone?), a title in one organisation can mean something totally different in another. So what’s the point? Unless – as...

Posted in Recruitment - 26th July, 2017




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