Tip Top New Years resolutions for a productive 2017

The sun has well and truly risen on 2017 so let us wish you a Happy New Year! Whether you’re a resolution maker, breaker or abstainer, it’s hard to resist the urge to make a few changes as one year ticks over to the next : Eat less chocolate, eat more veg, watch less telly, do more exercise, take that course, learn a musical instrument… the list goes on.

But what about when it comes to your working life? We – the British people – dedicate enough time to Work (on average around 1680 hours annually), so perhaps now is the time to reflect on your working practices too. ...

Posted in Company News - 3rd January, 2017

Happy Work-iversary Dave!

Congratulations to David Riley who today celebrates a whopping 35 years with the company!!! Dave is a vital part of the management team here, and the place just wouldn’t be the same without him.
Rumour has it he will be marking the occasion by making a brew for the Office Supplies crew – something that he has managed to avoid for the past 35 years. (FYI: this is actual fact and not a joke or exaggeration.. what a guy).

If you fancy a trip down memory lane, take a look at an excerpt from one of the oldest Ben Johnson brochures we could find. From the times when the br...

Posted in Company News - 24th February, 2015

It's a Knockout for Team Ben Johnson!

Well, it certainly was a knockout on 31st August – despite our best competitive effort our team came 5th place out of 9 teams. Booooo….

BUT with a whopping £1400 raised so far for the fantastic charity that is St Leonard’s Hospice, it really is (on this occasion at least) the taking part that counts. Our justgiving page will be live until 5th October so if you’re feeling charitable pop over there and donate. It’s a just and worthy cause.

Thanks go to Harriet, Emma, Darren, Klaudia, Vicky, Simon, Zoe, Matty & Dwaine for taking part and being good sports. Competitive...

Posted in Company News - 11th September, 2014

Ben Johnson VS It's a Knockout!

What’s that you say…Ben Johnson taking on the It’s a Knockout challenge on Sunday 31st August??

This year we’re daring to enter the annual tournament held at the York Racecourse, and have put together a winning team of particularly agile and energetic office folk ahem! They’re planning to rock up to the event at the end of the month with enough gusto to disarm their opponents and walk away with the trophy! Or have a good go doing it!

St Leonard’s Hospice has arranged an action packed family day out, from 12.30pm on the last Sunday in August. Promising to provide ton...

Posted in Company News - 13th August, 2014

“C'est la soupe qui fait le soldat”… - The Boardroom (Part 8)

If you’ve read the title above and haven’t got a clue what it means (don’t worry, neither did we) its literal translation; “It’s the soup that makes the soldier” is more commonly quoted as:

“An army marches on its stomach”

But what on earth has this got to do with boardrooms? Well, we know; a group of office workers does not an army make. And there probably isn’t a whole lot of marching going on in the UK’s workplaces right now. BUT whatever your main occupation at work today, you can be assured that an empty stomach will do nothing for your concentration levels. R...

Posted in Company News - 30th July, 2013




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