Agility is the key

The world of work is awash with agile working buzz-terms such as “hot desking”, “breakout”, “scrumming” and “smart working”. In our Ben Johnson Interiors team, these words crop up regularly in our discussions with clients, but what does “agile working” actually mean and what are the benefits and challenges to business?

At Ben Johnson, we’re now regularly designing and building “agile working” workplaces across the UK. Agile working is not a new concept– but it is a new way of working. It’s all about using the benefits of changing working practices and deploying new...

Posted in Interiors - 24th February, 2017

Moving Office:Top Ten Tips for Office Relocation

There’s no doubt moving office can be a complicated, stressful and a time-consuming business. The team at Ben Johnson Interiors have worked on many relocations for clients over the years and have seen and resolved all manner of issues on the way. So, we’ve used our experience to compile 10 top tips for your office move in order to minimise stress, keep costs down and ensure your relocation runs as smoothly as possible. Whatever your reasons for moving, follow these 10 guidelines and you can’t go wrong..

1. Ensure you’re able to move

Make sure you check your existing...

Posted in Interiors - 6th February, 2017

January update from our Interiors team

hi there!

we hope you’ve enjoyed your Christmas break and are ready to embrace 2017… we certainly are, and we’re starting the new year still buzzing from our achievements in 2016, including:

a round-up of happenings in 2016


2016 saw us engage with some pretty cool companies and we delivered some fantastic design, build and furniture projects,...

Posted in Interiors - 11th January, 2017

Clerkenwell Design Week (24-26 May 2016)

Last month our Interiors team descended on London to join 35,000 other individuals from the design community to attend the 8th annual Clerkenwell Design Week (CDW16).

Clerkenwell has the greatest concentration of office furniture showrooms in the world, with exhibitors coming from as far afield as Australia, Brazil and Turkey. There were over 300 exhibiting brands on display this year, many of whom brought new, forward-thinking products and ways of working.

As you’d expect, seating of all shapes and sizes was in abundance: soft seating to encourage agile working, bo...

Posted in Interiors - 29th June, 2016

Agile vs Flexible Working : Is it for You?

You may think that “Agile” and “Flexible” working are interchangeable terms for the same thing. It may conjure up ideas of working from home, or swanning into the office after 10am. But what does it really mean?

Flexible Working is usually designed around an individual taking into account their out-of-work commitments. Its focus is usually around location, accounting for working hours and tends to be employee-driven. The more traditional employer may view flexible working as a liability rather than an advantage.

Agile Working, however, is based on the idea that work...

Posted in Interiors - 2nd March, 2016




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