Design and Build is the way to go!

“Design and Build” and the more traditional “Design Bid Build” are two very different delivery methods used in the construction and design industry.

With “Design and Build” a client or agent typically hires a single entity, the designer/builder, or Ben Johnson Interiors to perform both design and construction under a single contract.
In “Design Bid Build”, the client contracts separately with a designer and a contractor. The design firm is hired to deliver the complete design documents, while the client then solicits fixed price bids from contractors to perform the b...

Posted in Interiors - 18th May, 2017

Wellbeing at work

Wellbeing at work

With one in four UK adults experiencing some form of mental issue at any one time in their lives and depression set to be the leading cause of our global disease burden by 2030* we thought we’d discuss wellbeing at work this month.
We’ll be exploring how workplace design can seriously impact on employees’ productivity and how a few simple steps could see you greatly improving your staff environment.
Ben Johnson has worked on workplace design with numerous large organisations throughout the UK for many years and from experience has put together eight...

Posted in Interiors - 21st April, 2017

First Impressions Count!

10 Tips For An Exceptional Reception:

Above are all snapshots of Ben Johnson reception projects: Top left to right:

• Using a distinctive style in a reception, North East based Charles Clinkard (Case study here)
• Making a booth and full use of space in reception: Holiday company (Case study here)
• Using logos in receptions, Boldon-based based Maquet UK (Case study here)
• Using a distinctive style in a reception like Halco Rock Tools (Case study here)
• Example of finishes in a cooking and houseware company reception: Merison Retail UK (Case study h...

Posted in Interiors - 3rd April, 2017

Red Alert!

Ben Johnson Interiors get into the spirit of Red Nose Day

This year, to show our support for Comic Relief 2017 our team have spent the last week really going that extra mile, raising funds whilst adding some fun and laughter to the normal working day. We set ourselves a challenge to raise £500 by Friday 24 March and we’re pleased to confirm that we met this target – even surpassing it! Here’s a few of the many fundraising activities :

Some staff were locked in a head-to-head 10,000 steps a day challenge with friends, family and staff sponsoring. Competition was fie...

Posted in Interiors - 27th March, 2017

Agility is the key

The world of work is awash with agile working buzz-terms such as “hot desking”, “breakout”, “scrumming” and “smart working”. In our Ben Johnson Interiors team, these words crop up regularly in our discussions with clients, but what does “agile working” actually mean and what are the benefits and challenges to business?

At Ben Johnson, we’re now regularly designing and building “agile working” workplaces across the UK. Agile working is not a new concept– but it is a new way of working. It’s all about using the benefits of changing working practices and deploying new...

Posted in Interiors - 24th February, 2017




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