On the First day of Christmas Ben Johnson gave to me...

Yo ho ho! It’s that time of year again!

If you’re not feeling very festive yet, then do not fear: we are here to get you in the Christmas mood.

Starting on the 2nd December we have twelve solid days of special offers and gorgeous giveaways, all suitably (but rather tenuously) linked to the traditional song, the “Twelve Days of Christmas”.

Can you work out what each offer might be, based on the song’s lyrics?


Posted in Office Supplies - 27th November, 2013

Calling all Christmas Crafters!

We are pleased to launch an entirely new range of Arts & Crafts products for the education market. Click on the picture below for a detailed look at all the products available in our online catalogue.

The items are intended for the primary school market (age 2-11yrs) although anyone with a crafty set of fingers will love what we’ve got to offer!

We’ve got more exciting crafty news coming in January – but for now just enjoy preparing for Christmas, it’s not that far away!

Ben Johnson Christmas 2013 Arts and Crafts

headline image courtesy of the daily buzz

Posted in Office Supplies - 27th November, 2013

Forget about the meerkats...

…it’s all about comparemyoffice.com.

Price Comparison. It’s big business. If you think about it, most of what we purchase and consume will be comparable somewhere on the web – and for good reason. As a consumer, I like to know that I’m getting the best deal for what I need, that I’m not being taken for a ride by my current provider. It’s important for the individual, so why not apply the same logic to businesses?

Well, we’re making a start and putting our prices “out there” by partnering with comparemyoffice.com. You can search a range of suppliers for the best pr...

Posted in Office Supplies - 27th November, 2013

Getting creative with Office Supplies

We know that Stationery isn’t always the most exciting stuff you will come across in your day (unless it’s a fresh notebook, in which case: V exciting) but in the hands of the right people, even the humble permanent marker can help create the most astonishing works of art.

Here is Jared Clark (he of the amazing ‘tache) making beautiful pieces of visual art with a bunch of Sharpies™ and his face. Brilliant.

This got us wondering about alternative uses for humble office equipment. Sticky tape wall art? Office Chair Olympics? Ideas on a postcard please.


Posted in Office Supplies - 27th November, 2013

Recycling more than just the odd stack of paper

A few weeks ago a colleague of mine dropped this certificate on my desk. I have to admit, it felt a little bit like receiving my cycling proficiency badge when I was a kid (yes, alright, I did a cycling proficiency course). You know it’s a worthwhile thing to have, but you don’t understand the value of it until much later.

To be totally honest, I didn’t even know Ben Johnson Ltd recycled printer cartridges (on behalf of our customers… we don’t use that many in a year). Until now, my brain could cope with the concept of recycling paper, plastics , cans and glass… but ...

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