5 Reasons to Outsource Your Office Shredding

Think you can handle your office shredding? Well, maybe you can, but if you read our last post on information security then you will know that compliance is not an issue to be taken lightly. Here’s why we think you should out-source your office shredding:

1) Strip shredding is not secure
The smaller types of shredders found in many offices shred documents into vertical strips, which can be easily reassembled. Professional information destruction organisations use cross-cut shredders which make documents virtually impossible to reconstruct.

2) Time is valuable
It ...

Posted in Office Supplies - 2nd June, 2015

Information Security : Are you compliant?

Every day your organisation produces and consumes vast amounts of information from clients, partners, employees and other stakeholders. Managing payroll, analysing cash flow and keeping track of suppliers, are just some of the tasks you manage every day that are critical to your success. The information these tasks generate is likely to be sensitive and must be managed accordingly to prevent security breaches. But did you know that maintaining information security is not just sound business practice? It is actually your legal responsibility to eliminate the very conditi...

Posted in Office Supplies - 2nd June, 2015

It doesn't have to be JUST pens & mugs!

Branded Business Gifts

How much thought have you put into making your companies brand standing out to customers this year?

Why not think of marketing your brand in a unique and memorable way. We can provide you with a quote on a range of branded gifts to create a constant advertisement for your business.

Call your Account Managers on 01904 698 698 to find out more

Posted in Office Supplies - 24th September, 2014

Office Chair Games...

This year’s Commonwealth Games officially opened at Glasgow Celtic Park last Wednesday, with a lively and quite comical opening ceremony concluding with the parade of the nations and athletes. Susan Boyle even took to the stage, making the Scottish celebrations complete!

Continuing our ‘Summer of Sport’ theme, here at Ben Johnson we’re offering some fantastic discounts on Office Furniture! Even going as far to call them our ‘OFFICE CHAIR Games’ to keep along the Commonwealth theme!

Each Furniture order placed during August will be entered into our draw to win upto ...

Posted in Office Supplies - 31st July, 2014

Sharpen your pencil...

I don’t think I’ll look at a blunt pencil in the same way again…

Artist Dalton M.Ghetti started learning to use tools from the young age of 6 at school in Brazil, with a razor blade or a pocket knife he would sharpen his pencils. Years later, he challenged himself to create the smallest possible carving that he could see with a naked eye, like this one.
He makes his sculptures from pencils found in the street, but it can sometimes take months or even years to complete because he slowly removes a speck one bit at a time.

Dalton says it’s his favourite hobby and a...

Posted in Office Supplies - 16th July, 2014




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