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10 Tips For An Exceptional Reception:

Above are all snapshots of Ben Johnson reception projects: Top left to right:

• Using a distinctive style in a reception, North East based Charles Clinkard (Case study here)
• Making a booth and full use of space in reception: Holiday company (Case study here)
• Using logos in receptions, Boldon-based based Maquet UK (Case study here)
• Using a distinctive style in a reception like Halco Rock Tools (Case study here)
• Example of finishes in a cooking and houseware company reception: Merison Retail UK (Case study h...

Posted in Interiors - 3rd April, 2017

Managing your Personal Brand Online: 4 First Steps

If you read our last post you’ll know that everyone who is active on social media is growing a personal brand. For some this is very deliberate, for others entirely accidental. You have the ultimate influence on how others perceive you online and now is the time to take charge! Here are four first steps to managing your personal brand online:

Step 1 : Google Yourself

It is now widespread practice for a potential employer to “Google” you. Whether pre- or post-interview, your online self will be under scrutiny. So why not get there first? Type your name into any sear...

Posted in Recruitment - 29th March, 2017

Managing your Personal Brand Online

If the mere mention of the phrase “personal brand” makes you cringe then you are not alone. Until now, mere mortals could be forgiven for thinking that this concept of “brand” was the sole preserve of celebrities and those in the public eye. Not anymore. The boom of social media has meant that anyone who engages with platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram is simultaneously building their personal brand whether it is a conscious decision or not. If this is something you have never thought about before then do not fear. How you present yourself online can be a ...

Posted in Recruitment - 29th March, 2017

Red Alert!

Ben Johnson Interiors get into the spirit of Red Nose Day

This year, to show our support for Comic Relief 2017 our team have spent the last week really going that extra mile, raising funds whilst adding some fun and laughter to the normal working day. We set ourselves a challenge to raise £500 by Friday 24 March and we’re pleased to confirm that we met this target – even surpassing it! Here’s a few of the many fundraising activities :

Some staff were locked in a head-to-head 10,000 steps a day challenge with friends, family and staff sponsoring. Competition was fie...

Posted in Interiors - 27th March, 2017

Brand “You”: Making sure your message is consistent.

20 years ago, a true sign of a good CV was longevity and no breaks. You found an employer and you progressed through the ranks until you retired with a piece of cake and a handsome timepiece.

… Not today …

Generation Y and Z see things differently. To progress, gain experience, and become a well-rounded employee and human being moving around is not only tolerated; it is celebrated and encouraged. Life experience and grasping opportunities when they present themselves are key features of “you” and your personal brand.

When it comes to applying for a new job, you ...

Posted in Recruitment - 28th February, 2017




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