Design and Build is the way to go!

“Design and Build” and the more traditional “Design Bid Build” are two very different delivery methods used in the construction and design industry.

With “Design and Build” a client or agent typically hires a single entity, the designer/builder, or Ben Johnson Interiors to perform both design and construction under a single contract.
In “Design Bid Build”, the client contracts separately with a designer and a contractor. The design firm is hired to deliver the complete design documents, while the client then solicits fixed price bids from contractors to perform the b...

Posted in Interiors - 18th May, 2017

Profiling for the Perfect Fit

If you’ve ever had to recruit new staff members you’ll know it’s not always a simple three-step process.

In fact, even after the process is complete and you’ve found your ideal candidate, it can still be a bit of a roller coaster. Will they settle in to the role? How will they gel with the rest of the team? Does their interview persona match up to their day-to-day one? How will they perform under pressure?

All these questions are normal, but you can remove some of the uncertainty with a tool that we would thoroughly recommend: the personality profile. These tests a...

Posted in Recruitment - 17th May, 2017

How to leave your job... in style

That’s it! Decision made after weeks of interviews, secret phone calls and emails. You have accepted a new job! It’s super exciting, the perfect next step for you, and you can’t wait to start. Just one last hurdle: you need to leave your current job…

Unless you are made of stone or totally hate your current job with every fibre of your being this can be an emotional and tricky scenario to navigate. You may well feel guilty about leaving your colleagues in the lurch or sad to leave friends that you work with every day. These feelings can create a lot of anxiety which ...

Posted in Recruitment - 9th May, 2017

Cultivating a Happy Workplace - 9 Top Tips

Spring is in the air. As our thoughts turn to sunshine, planting projects and kitchen gardens (oh, The Good Life!) it got me thinking. Much like a well-tended garden, the modern workplace requires time and investment if you want the right things to grow there. A happy workplace culture doesn’t just happen, it needs to be cultivated:

To cultivate is to promote or improve the growth of (a plant, crop, etc) by labour and attention.

So, if you are seeking to cultivate a Happy / Creative / Fun / Autonomous Workplace Culture, don’t just cross your fingers and hope for the...

Posted in Recruitment - 2nd May, 2017

Wellbeing at work

Wellbeing at work

With one in four UK adults experiencing some form of mental issue at any one time in their lives and depression set to be the leading cause of our global disease burden by 2030* we thought we’d discuss wellbeing at work this month.
We’ll be exploring how workplace design can seriously impact on employees’ productivity and how a few simple steps could see you greatly improving your staff environment.
Ben Johnson has worked on workplace design with numerous large organisations throughout the UK for many years and from experience has put together eight...

Posted in Interiors - 21st April, 2017




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