Moving Office:Top Ten Tips for Office Relocation

There’s no doubt moving office can be a complicated, stressful and a time-consuming business. The team at Ben Johnson Interiors have worked on many relocations for clients over the years and have seen and resolved all manner of issues on the way. So, we’ve used our experience to compile 10 top tips for your office move in order to minimise stress, keep costs down and ensure your relocation runs as smoothly as possible. Whatever your reasons for moving, follow these 10 guidelines and you can’t go wrong..

1. Ensure you’re able to move

Make sure you check your existing...

Posted in Interiors - 6th February, 2017

Why it pays to automate your Accounts Payable process

A way to increase productivity and performance, improve cash flow and gain a competitive advantage- can all of this really come from one simple, affordable solution?

If you currently have a part- automated process, it’s likely you’re already envisioning how far a fully automated system could take you. In a world where approval processes and document workflows are considered the top two client serving inefficiencies in business Huddle we can and should be doing more to streamline the process.

Paper-based and partially automated processes are often criticised by AP tea...

Posted in Technology - 31st January, 2017

January update from our Interiors team

hi there!

we hope you’ve enjoyed your Christmas break and are ready to embrace 2017… we certainly are, and we’re starting the new year still buzzing from our achievements in 2016, including:

a round-up of happenings in 2016


2016 saw us engage with some pretty cool companies and we delivered some fantastic design, build and furniture projects,...

Posted in Interiors - 11th January, 2017

Tip Top New Years resolutions for a productive 2017

The sun has well and truly risen on 2017 so let us wish you a Happy New Year! Whether you’re a resolution maker, breaker or abstainer, it’s hard to resist the urge to make a few changes as one year ticks over to the next : Eat less chocolate, eat more veg, watch less telly, do more exercise, take that course, learn a musical instrument… the list goes on.

But what about when it comes to your working life? We – the British people – dedicate enough time to Work (on average around 1680 hours annually), so perhaps now is the time to reflect on your working practices too. ...

Posted in Company News - 3rd January, 2017

Festive job-hunting : 5 top tips

If there is a time of the year when job searching is particularly unappealing, it has to be the festive season. With only ten days to go until The Big Day a lot of people will be taking it easy, but the jobs are still out there and only the minority will keep their search up. The misconception that Companies do not employ towards the end of the year (either they’re too busy / there’s no budget etc etc) really is a myth. Use the Christmas period to your advantage: ensure you are one of the dedicated few and 2016 could still be the year you get your dream job.

Here are ...

Posted in Recruitment - 15th December, 2016




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