"The best event of its kind that I've been to"

Our flagship Technology event :

The Business Technology Forum is done and dusted for another year!

If you missed the “Innovation for Growth” Tech expo on 16th June then you certainly missed out. In its third year and going from strength to strength, the BTF was another great opportunity for SMEs from around Yorkshire to network, learn and engage with some big names in the Tech industry. We were pleased to host the event once again alongside our BTF partners Blue Logic and NGC, and we really pride ourselves on the events’ non-sales tone, with the focus being on lear...

Posted in Technology - 28th June, 2016

Three reasons to invest in a Document Management System today

Here’s the scenario:

You’ve managed your business with paper documents and files thus far. Kate in admin does a great job of keeping tabs on where everything is kept; she’s like a living, breathing directory. Why should you bother with a Document Management System at all? The outlay and upheaval seem like far too much fuss when what you have is just fine.

We get it.

So, have a read of our top three reasons to invest in a Document Management System, then ask yourself this question: Can you afford not to?



Let’s start with the greatest motivating factor...

Posted in Technology - 13th April, 2016

Agile Working : 4 Steps to Agility

In my last Blog post I explored what ‘Agile Working’ means and how it differs from Flexible working. I suggested that all organisations should be able to achieve some level of agility, so wanted to look a little deeper and provide some insight on how to achieve it.

Unfortunately, agility cannot be achieved by one maverick individual within an organisation. Bounding across the office, working wherever they want, whenever they want…Sound familiar? The whole organisation has to be on board, and agile working has to become part of organisational culture.
So here are som...

Posted in Interiors - 6th April, 2016

Agile vs Flexible Working : Is it for You?

You may think that “Agile” and “Flexible” working are interchangeable terms for the same thing. It may conjure up ideas of working from home, or swanning into the office after 10am. But what does it really mean?

Flexible Working is usually designed around an individual taking into account their out-of-work commitments. Its focus is usually around location, accounting for working hours and tends to be employee-driven. The more traditional employer may view flexible working as a liability rather than an advantage.

Agile Working, however, is based on the idea that work...

Posted in Interiors - 2nd March, 2016

Humans have grown and so have our chairs

Vitra has raised the height of its Eames Plastic Chairs to match the average human stature increase of 10cm over the past 60 years.

After the debut of the Plastic Armchair (A-shell) and Plastic Side Chair (S-shell) at the ‘Low-Cost Furniture Design’ competition organised by the MoMA in 1948, the Eames Plastic Chairs were launched on the market in 1950 as the very first mass-produced plastic chairs in the history of furniture.

A lift in seat height of a mere 20mm may not seem like much, but this reflects an average worldwide human height increase of 10cm since the ...

Posted in Interiors - 22nd September, 2015




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