Brand “You”: Making sure your message is consistent.

20 years ago, a true sign of a good CV was longevity and no breaks. You found an employer and you progressed through the ranks until you retired with a piece of cake and a handsome timepiece.

… Not today …

Generation Y and Z see things differently. To progress, gain experience, and become a well-rounded employee and human being moving around is not only tolerated; it is celebrated and encouraged. Life experience and grasping opportunities when they present themselves are key features of “you” and your personal brand.

When it comes to applying for a new job, you ...

Posted in Recruitment - 28th February, 2017

Agility is the key

The world of work is awash with agile working buzz-terms such as “hot desking”, “breakout”, “scrumming” and “smart working”. In our Ben Johnson Interiors team, these words crop up regularly in our discussions with clients, but what does “agile working” actually mean and what are the benefits and challenges to business?

At Ben Johnson, we’re now regularly designing and building “agile working” workplaces across the UK. Agile working is not a new concept– but it is a new way of working. It’s all about using the benefits of changing working practices and deploying new...

Posted in Interiors - 24th February, 2017

From one Working Parent to another : Don’t give up The Search!

So you took time off to raise a family (a brave decision!) and now you want to get back to work. Back to something that resembles the person you were and the bank balance you once had.

One of the biggest obstacles to achieving your goal can be finding an employer who empathises with your situation and allows that to play a part in your future working life. You have so much to offer, you just need that one thing. The dreaded ‘F’ word: Flexibility.

I am a BIG champion of flexibility for working parents. Not only because I am one, but most of my friends are too, and I...

Posted in Recruitment - 28th February, 2017

The new Late Payment Regulations: 5 things you need to know before April

New ‘duty to report’ regulations will be introduced this year in order to increase transparency and tackle an ever-growing culture of late payments. These new regulations have been designed to identify the worst late payment practises and improve standards across the UK economy. Here are 5 things you should know about the new legislation but please note, the list below is not exhaustive and is based on guidance published on You must refer to the official guidelines if you are unsure of your businesses responsibilities.

Why the new regulations?

Every year,...

Posted in Technology - 23rd February, 2017

Culture Fit – It’s a two-way thing…

So, that Recruiter calls you and gives you the heads up on THE opportunity you have been hoping for since you began to look for the next step in your career. It sounds great! It’s exciting, it ticks all sorts of boxes and you think it could be the perfect next step for you.

On paper the company looks great: profitable, forward-thinking yet stable, good products and a great reputation in the market. You say “yes” to being put forward, and why wouldn’t you? Well, before we go any further just ask yourself this question:

The Job Description may stack up…but does the Cu...

Posted in Recruitment - 6th February, 2017




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