Really important things are still written by hand…

We can’t disagree that laptops, iPads and smart phones enable us to communicate instantly with people. But according to a study, 87% of business professionals are still using handwritten notes in addition to their digital communications. Apparently by mixing digital media with our notes, productivity at work dramatically increases.

Researchers suggest that constructing letters and forming words on paper, increases our ability to recall the information. There’s something about writing notes, you can cross things out, read over them, circle and draw arrows to link information. It’s far more satisfying ticking jobs off a hand written list, rather than deleting them from your screen. But do digital devices offer other benefits; like speed, accuracy, and convenience?

Despite the increased use of computers at work and home, the skill of handwriting is still important in education, employment and in everyday life. Jotting down a shopping list, writing a birthday card, taking down a phone message, filing in a form at the bank ….handwriting will always remain a part of our daily lives.

But what does our handwriting say about us? If you have a spare 5 minutes and want a break from tirelessly tapping away at your computer, take this handwriting test to reveal your style of scrawl!

    Posted in Workplace Supplies - 22nd May, 2014





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