What is Managed Print?

Despite the enthusiasm for the ‘paperless office’ in recent years, printers are still an integral part of daily business life.

Printers and print consumables can take up a large part of your stationary budget, so an alternative may be to outsource your printing and choose a managed print service.

What is managed print?
Managed print is a service that is specifically designed to help businesses to streamline print and reduce printing costs. It’s a method for businesses that want to outsource their printing to utilise the services of dedicated printing facilities.

Managed print services consolidate all your printing and imaging requirements under one umbrella service. Instead of tying up business capital in printers and copiers, the business end of the printing process is taken care of.

Business IT departments face an uphill battle when it comes to staying on top of repairs, replacing worn out equipment and consolidating existing equipment. By outsourcing your printing to a managed print service, your IT department is free to concentrate on other, more urgent business such as maintaining the computer systems within the business. This improves productivity, increases user satisfaction and equates to cost savings for your business.

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    Posted in Technology - 11th July, 2014





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