Sharpen your pencil...

I don’t think I’ll look at a blunt pencil in the same way again…

Artist Dalton M.Ghetti started learning to use tools from the young age of 6 at school in Brazil, with a razor blade or a pocket knife he would sharpen his pencils. Years later, he challenged himself to create the smallest possible carving that he could see with a naked eye, like this one.
He makes his sculptures from pencils found in the street, but it can sometimes take months or even years to complete because he slowly removes a speck one bit at a time.

Dalton says it’s his favourite hobby and a form of meditation, but I think most employers would have something to say if we were found carefully carving pencils at our desks!

Contact your account manager on 01904 698698, and add some pencils to your next order and see if you have an artistic flair!

    Posted in Workplace Supplies - 16th July, 2014





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