3 steps to succeeding at change management

People don’t like change. Change on any scale is one of life’s hardest jobs and is particularly tough when it comes to new processes and technology in the workplace.

We’re talking about document workflow, information management and automation.

Many business owners and leaders are understandably nervous about implementing new ways of working. Allocating hard-earned budget for new software, risking low uptake amongst staff, a project falling flat and reverting back to an old system is not a prospect many bosses would relish.

If you reflect for a moment, you’ll remember a time when your current “tried and trusted” system was new and unfamiliar. People probably wrestled with knowing the old system vs embracing a more advanced, more efficient one. Perhaps you’re in that very familiar position once again- things need to change. You need a better way to manage information and be more cost effective- but how do you take that next step? And more importantly; how do you get everyone on board?

People planning

1. Plan thoroughly.

Fail to prepare, prepare to fail. Be sure you can answer these six questions before you begin-

WHERE does the problem lie?
WHO will this affect?
WHAT needs to change?
WHY does this need to change?
WHEN do you want this to come in to effect?
HOW will you implement the change?

2. Educate

Engaging with end users is arguably the most important part of managing this kind of change.

People’s tendency for inertia is perhaps the biggest hurdle to overcome in the early stages. Reassure your team that the change will enable them to devote more time to the tasks they enjoy, and on their own personal development and less time on those menial and repetitive tasks they dislike.

Help everyone to understand how the new process will work, how it will affect them, and why it is a good thing. Be sure to highlight the day to day benefits and the improvement this will present.

Ensuring your stakeholders feel valued, heard and are an important part of the change is the key to widespread acceptance and adoption of any new system.

Change Management Process Chart

3. Choose the right partner

Perhaps the most important consideration is choosing the right supplier to provide and implement the solution you require. Trust between you and them is paramount, closely followed by the ability to deliver on their promise and support you from start to finish (and beyond).

We would recommend choosing a partner who offers the following three things before parting with any cash:

☛ An initial meeting to properly understand and define the scope of the project, understand you and understand your business. Do they give honest, impartial advice and recommend only the best and most appropriate solution?
☛A bespoke demonstration showing you how the solution would work and integrate within your organisation.
Proof of concept. If you are still undecided, a good supplier should be able to create a test version of the software for you and your team to try, arming you with everything you need to make a decision.

Happily, Ben Johnson Technology offer all the above services, and we won’t ask you for a penny until you give us the go-ahead. Our team of highly trained technical staff are committed to making your vision a fully functioning reality. We won’t change you to fit the technology, we will make sure the technology fits you;

“Ours was a particularly complex project, and the success of implementing FlexiCapture throughout the business can be attributed purely to the time invested before and after installation, which far exceeded our expectations.
Our services manager took time to understand our requirements, created a tailored solution which fit our business perfectly, and followed up to ensure everything operated as it should. The product has revolutionised the speed at which we scan directly into our CRM application, having gone from a rate of 6 pages per minute, to 60 with the new installation”

James Lister, Head of IT
Fuel Card Services

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Authored by Sarah Beall, Marketing Executive

    Posted in Technology - 21st September, 2016





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