Culture Fit – It’s a two-way thing…

So, that Recruiter calls you and gives you the heads up on THE opportunity you have been hoping for since you began to look for the next step in your career. It sounds great! It’s exciting, it ticks all sorts of boxes and you think it could be the perfect next step for you.

On paper the company looks great: profitable, forward-thinking yet stable, good products and a great reputation in the market. You say “yes” to being put forward, and why wouldn’t you? Well, before we go any further just ask yourself this question:

The Job Description may stack up…but does the Culture??

We’re going to stick our necks out here by saying that Culture (with a capital ‘C’) is the single greatest factor in determining whether a person succeeds or fails to integrate in any organisation. Culture ranks higher than paygrade, job description, perks or progression opportunities, and sussing it out (before you say yes to an offer) could save a lot of heartache.

In our experience, it is rare to pick up a CV without that ‘One Terrible Mistake’. Almost everyone has a role that was accepted because it looked great on paper: you were sold “the dream” at interview but it didn’t take long for the true nature of the beast to reveal itself. Internal politics, a tyrannical boss, dissension in the ranks, poor communication: there are endless factors that can contribute to a job that just doesn’t “feel” right, and they won’t all be apparent at interview stage. So what can be done to avoid false starts and ensure that the new business you are considering is the RIGHT cultural fit for you?

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Well, here’s the good news:

It is not your job to ensure the company culture is right for you; It’s Ours.

There is no mystery, it’s not a dark art, and there are no crystal balls. It’s simply about getting to know you, the candidate, and them, the employer. Culture matching can only be achieved by gaining a deep understanding of the hiring company and the candidate alike. This means spending quality time in the Client’s Business, and talking to the employees. Finding out why they love coming to work…why they are motivated and what they REALLY think about their future within the business. This is fundamental. The same goes for candidates (i.e. YOU). Any recruiter worth their salt will give you their time, get to know you properly and be a pro at looking beyond the skills, experience and qualifications on your CV. If you start to feel like another statistic, or just another person to be placed in “any old job” then you have our permission to turn and run!

Lead by example

At Ben Johnson Recruitment, understanding culture is paramount to establishing close, long term relationships with clients and creating a seamless recruitment process for the candidate. Our team has been specially selected using the principles of ‘Culture First’, and we believe that if it’s good enough for us, it’s good enough for you too.

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