How to leave your job... in style

That’s it! Decision made after weeks of interviews, secret phone calls and emails. You have accepted a new job! It’s super exciting, the perfect next step for you, and you can’t wait to start. Just one last hurdle: you need to leave your current job…

Unless you are made of stone or totally hate your current job with every fibre of your being this can be an emotional and tricky scenario to navigate. You may well feel guilty about leaving your colleagues in the lurch or sad to leave friends that you work with every day. These feelings can create a lot of anxiety which can in turn make you act out of sorts. This kind of behaviour doesn’t aid a smooth exit. Nor does keeping the whole thing a secret until the last second, then blurting it out and running for the door at the first opportunity.

The days of staying with one employer for your entire working life are well and truly over, and it is thought that millennials will move jobs – on average – every three years. So you can relax; you are not the only one, ever, to have handed their notice into an employer. Making smart career moves is to be expected and applauded, but transitioning from one job to another with real grace is not always first on people’s minds. And it’s not just about avoiding those super awkward ‘bumping into your former boss in the supermarket’ moments. Making a good exit can actually aid your future career progression. You may want to collaborate with former colleagues or bosses, and those relationships may well come in useful in the future.


Ahem: don’t do this

So, here are our top tips to make D-day run smoothly and you can leave like a Rockstar… not a renegade:

1. Discuss any issues openly with your manager or a confidante. That way when you do open up about your reasons to other friends or colleagues it won’t be a surprise.

2. Plan your work and ensure there is a clear process to hand everything over.

3. Document everything and ensure all contacts, passwords and any vital details you hold are recorded and placed in a handover document.

4. Sit down and discuss leaving dates, holiday owed and commission. These are tricky issues to resolve once you have left.

5. Be aware of and respect your covenants and contract. Ensure you stick to them and are aware of what you are and are not entitled to. Nothing sours a relationship like poaching clients, colleagues or fighting for commission you are not entitled to because you left. And let’s face it: it’s just not the done thing.

6. If you know you will be asked to leave immediately all handover details should be ready to go in advance. This saves a mad dash to assign work and save client relationships by your remaining colleagues.

Resisting the urge to burn your bridges takes almost no extra effort, and it could pay serious dividends in the long run.

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