Profiling for the Perfect Fit

If you’ve ever had to recruit new staff members you’ll know it’s not always a simple three-step process.

In fact, even after the process is complete and you’ve found your ideal candidate, it can still be a bit of a roller coaster. Will they settle in to the role? How will they gel with the rest of the team? Does their interview persona match up to their day-to-day one? How will they perform under pressure?

All these questions are normal, but you can remove some of the uncertainty with a tool that we would thoroughly recommend: the personality profile. These tests are not a fail-safe system, and should always be used in conjunction with the usual references and interview process. But given the right circumstances, they should lead to greater success within your team and the wider organisation.

Here are five main benefits to personality profiling your staff:

1.Successful Recruitment

Understanding someone’s work profile helps ensure the right ‘fit’ for your team and culture. It also confirms specific traits you may require for a particular role, e.g. the hunter, or the farmer. These behaviours will become clear in a profile.
Getting accurate results will depend on a few factors :

- Using a reputable test : it is an unregulated industry so always do your research before launching your test. – Engaging a qualified person to interpret the results.
Following the above guidelines will ensure this can become an informative part of the recruitment process.

2.Team Effectiveness

Have you worked with someone so different to you that you had no idea how to approach them? Or maybe there is someone who takes all the credit for team performance? When each team member understands their own behaviour, and is given an overview of their fellow team mates it will transform how the team performs overall. With a clear comprehension of what drives you and your colleague’s behaviour you can adapt, change and work effectively with different people to get the job done.

3.Management Effectiveness

Using profiling tools can help managers gain an understanding and respect for how their team ‘tick’ By knowing an individual’s personality traits they can incorporate effective strategies for leadership. Navigating appraisals, problem solving, goal setting and giving feedback can all be done in a tailored way to ensure the optimum response and outcome.


We have all been in those meetings dominated by one person, whilst others struggle or fail to put their point across. By recognising the introvert and extrovert, the thinking vs feeling types, everyone can understand the communication style needed for the others in the room. In addition, by understanding your own traits vs those of others, you are also empowered to make a change. Perhaps it’s time to put your hand up instead of feeling aggrieved or overlooked…

5.Bottom Line

A sales team that understands personality ‘types’ will produce a better pitch, tailored to the level of detail and style of approach that appeals to your prospect or client .Furthermore they will make a stronger first impression and connect with their customers better. This improved customer experience will result in more opportunity for the business.

Ben Johnson Recruitment offers Personality Profiling as part of our enhanced service. To discover more about personality profiling and discuss the added benefits it can bring to your recruitment process, please email our team or call Alix Hobbs on 07799 803 244

    Posted in Recruitment - 17th May, 2017





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