Social Media... the business tool of the future?

Yorkshire Mafia Conference 2012:

With over 150 exhibitors and an excellent line up of guest speakers, Ben Johnson went along to the Royal Armourieslast week along with the rest of Yorkshire to see what all the fuss was about! We took the opportunity to sign up for some of the fantastic seminars available for delegates this year, which included:

Google (guest speaker – Richard Robinson)
Facebook (guest speaker – Ivan Heneghan)
Linkedin (guest speaker – Wade Burgess)
Freeserve & bcsAgency (guest speaker – EX CEO Freeserve Rob Wilmot)

So the question is.. what did we learn about the often confusing topic that is social media?

Keeping it simple, what is social media about?
Rob Wilmot suggests 3 simple tips:

  • It’s about trusted 2 way communications
  • Don’t be afraid to let your personality shine through
  • Be an authority on your sector

Simple social media facts from Richard Robinson at Google:

  • The UK is the leading e-commence country
  • £2000 spent on line per person per year on average
  • Worth 10-13% of GDP
  • 60hours of video on YouTube every minute

Ivan Heneghan from Facebook was challenged with the question, is Facebook more FMCG than B2B?

“Almost ½ the population is on Facebook! The biggest marketing demographic for facebook is 18-24 year olds, but all ages from 8 to 70 are represented. If you are B2B the recommendation is to think of it as a 2 way dialogue not just a broadcast. Get friends of friends to endorse your products”. At Ben Johnson we aim to use our page to be an authority on our industry by showcasing the latest knowledge in our industry and encouraging workers to demand more flexible workplaces, environmental design and technology from their employers

How often should you blog? – once a day was recommended on any networking site

How do I promote myself better on Linkedin? – don’t just promote what you do but the VALUE you can provide

What is the latest from Google? – It’s all about mobile access. By 2016, 80% of Internet access will be through a mobile device!! The number of media devises will exceed the population in 2012!! We are looking at our website and suggest you consider this trend seriously when marketing your business

How do I get better results from my blog and website? Richard Robinson from Google suggested we consider the use of video. A rapidly growing trend to help better get your message out to potential customers. For instance you’re a restaurant owner trying to promote your gourmet food, video the chef making the latest delight and get it on YouTube, Twitter or Facebook and ask your friends to retweet, like etc. You could consider sponsored adds, 5000fans = 1 million people on Facebook when using sponsored adds…

Is it worth adding a fax number to your business card? Rob Wilmot challenged why we have a fax number on our business cards? when was the last time you sent or received a fax? The space could be far better used by putting your LinkedIn

Additional Social Media Tips from Ben Johnson

  • Check out the free search tool Insights for Search on Google– excellent if you’re interested in buying trends!!
  • Keep your tweets and blogs up to date – update frequently but ideally not more than once a day
  • Consider adding Social plug to your website, makes the website more interactive as users can click the like or recommend button etc

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