The Apprentice Part 2 - An insider's view

Following last week’s post about the start of our Apprenticeship Scheme, we thought we’d speak to the man himself, Peter Boden, and get an insider’s view on the process.

Peter started various A/S levels at York College, but decided he preferred the vocational route to gaining qualifications and embarked on an Electrical Engineering course. From there he started considering his options for employment:

“After meeting Adrian and Russell at college, an opportunity to start an Apprenticeship with Ben Johnson came up. I submitted my CV along with the other students, and was fortunate enough to get selected. I didn’t fancy the academic route of University, so the chance to learn on the job and earn at the same time really appealed.”

Peter is now working towards a National Certificate in Engineering Management, and in addition to gaining experience and certifications with Canon, he is becoming a dab-hand at public speaking! Peter recently went with Commercial Director David Riley to Fulford School Sixth Form as part of their further education morning. Along with people from UCAS, York University and York College, Peter found himself speaking to 170 students about the benefits of Apprenticeships. Luckily, his enthusiasm for his new role carried him through!:

“Everyone else seemed to have slips of paper with their own notes on. I admit I was a bit unprepared but it wasn’t hard to talk about my work. I’m really confident I’ve chosen the right route for me, so answering questions from the students was pretty easy”

Peter is apprentice to Russell Bratt, Technical Services Manager and it is clear that Russell is a fan of the Scheme. Not only does Russell get to share his hefty workload (!), he now has another valuable and reliable member of the team. We asked him what he thought:

“After only 5 months in the job, Peter’s progress is clear for all to see. He has fit in with the team brilliantly, is a quick learner, and I am already confident to leave him on his own jobs, knowing he can resolve them well and please the client.”

So, what are the attributes of a good apprentice, Russell?

“Well, Peter has some experience of customer service from his previous retail employment which helps. More importantly, he applies himself and goes the extra mile to make sure he has a head start when learning something new. You can’t teach that, it’s pure ambition!”

This sounds like a pretty good match to us. We will keep you posted on Pete’s progress in the future. For more information and to search for apprenticeships in your area, visit the National Apprenticeship Service website.

    Posted in Technology - 28th November, 2012





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