Take A Stand

If you work in an office, chances are your body is sedentary for around 8 hours every day. That’s before considering your commute to work (sitting in the car / sitting on the bus / sitting on the train), and before you count the hours vegging in front of the TV of an evening. Shockingly, as soon as you sit, electrical activity in the legs shuts off, and the rate you burn calories drops to 1 per minute (which is just rubbish!). But fear not; help is at hand. A few weeks back we saw an article on the BBC website haling the benefits of standing up at work in which Dr John Buckley, exercise scientist, suggests we could all lose 8lbs a year just by standing up for an extra 3 hours a day. “It’s little changes in behaviour… such as standing at your desk that can add up to make quite a big difference to your health,” he says. Simply standing up for 3 hours will apparently burn 144 calories, and you don’t even have to get out of breath! One exec we found on LinkedIn has taken it even further and installed a treadmill under his desk but if this is just a step too far (geddit?) consider the following ways of introducing a little more movement into your workdays:

  • Stand up when you take a phone call
  • Instead of emailing your colleagues, pop over to their desk to have a real conversation (revolutionary huh?)
  • Send items to a printer that is further away from your desk than your usual one
  • Use the stairs, not the lift
  • Stretch at your desk
  • Where you have informal meetings or internal catch-ups consider taking them outside for a stroll, or simply stand up. You’ll find the meeting will end much sooner!

Increasing your movement by just a teensy bit will do your body a big favour. Moving more will prevent your circulatory system slowing down and increase the flow of blood, oxygen and vital nutrients to your body.

If you are considering taking Dr Buckley’s advice and would like to stand up whilst you work, we have put some thought into the best furniture products we can lay our hands on to help you stand / move / perch. From height-adjustable desks to high-level meeting furniture, there’s a wide range of styles and prices that will give you a head start. Click on the download box below for just a few ideas, and give us a call if you would like more information.

Posted in Interiors - 6th February, 2013





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