Recycling more than just the odd stack of paper

A few weeks ago a colleague of mine dropped this certificate on my desk. I have to admit, it felt a little bit like receiving my cycling proficiency badge when I was a kid (yes, alright, I did a cycling proficiency course). You know it’s a worthwhile thing to have, but you don’t understand the value of it until much later.

To be totally honest, I didn’t even know Ben Johnson Ltd recycled printer cartridges (on behalf of our customers… we don’t use that many in a year). Until now, my brain could cope with the concept of recycling paper, plastics , cans and glass… but printer cartridges? I’d never even thought about it. It got me curious, so I went looking for the whys & wherefores, and here they are:

You’ll have to forgive the slight corporate bias (we don’t use InkTechnologies) but therein lie some pretty shocking statistics. So, not only are we continuing with the scheme through our Office Supplies division, but we’re now looking at how to implement something through our Technology teams too. For more information on how the scheme works, please feel free to download the PDF from ERS Europe below – these are the guys who help us implement the scheme. If you are already an Office Supplies customer and would like to get involved, please contact Ashley Abell, Sales Support Manager

What Green habits are you cultivating in your business?

Posted in Workplace Supplies - 27th February, 2013





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