The Unsung Hero of the office: The Boardroom (Part 1)

Recently we’ve had a number of clients undertaking staged refurbishments, updating their offices one area at a time (very wise if you’re looking after your cash flow). It got us thinking: if we were to take this approach, where would we start and why? Instinct may lean towards the reception area, but we would suggest investing in the Boardroom. Here’s why:

Your boardroom is your company’s game face…:

Whether your meetings are internal or external, “Boardroom” means Business. In here you impress clients, partners, and suppliers. In here deals are done, relationships forged, and policies thrashed out. Your reception area might be your shop window, but after sitting through a three hour meeting it is The Boardroom that leaves a lasting impression on your clients. People spend a lot of time in here. It’s vital, therefore, that you put your best foot forward and make it work for you.

… and it works really hard:

You may think it’s “just” a meeting room. After all, people don’t (usually) sit in here 8 hours a day, every day, like your main office space. But what about those ad-hoc one-to-ones, big monthly board meetings, and quarterly company updates? Then there are the casual staff gatherings, lunch times & breakouts, team workshops, training, not to mention the quiet-space take-over when staff members need space to focus. When you think about it, your boardroom works really hard, at a lot of different things. By all means dress it up and make it look the part, but most of all make sure it performs as it should.

If your boardroom is in need of an update, you’ll love our up-coming series of case studies and blog posts in which we’ll be covering everything you need to know / consider / look for before embarking on a refurb.

Look out for our next blog feature; the performance wish-list. We feature a short list of criteria your Boardroom should fulfill once it has been transformed. You won’t want to miss it!

    Posted in Company News - 8th May, 2013





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