Our Performance Wishlist - The Boardroom (Part 2)

For some, a boardroom that comprises four walls, a door, a table and some chairs might be OK. But if you read our first Boardoom post you’ll know how many (and how varied) the demands can be on this part of the office. With that in mind, it’s easy to get a bit overwhelmed; where on earth do you start? Well, fear not! We got our thinking caps on and decided on six of the most important features to consider before you begin. These are summarized with our performance wish-list below. In the following weeks we’ll give you the 101 from our office experts on how to achieve every one of these elements.

  • Privacy & Confidentiality
    With modern office design leaning ever more toward an open plan “collaborative” style, your boardroom should allow you to have conversations that can’t be had anywhere else in the office. Whether it’s one-to-one or a full board meeting, you shouldn’t have to worry about poor acoustics or feel like you’re sitting in a goldfish bowl. Get the fit out elements right and you will be able to speak with ease.
  • Comfort
    Your employees, clients and partners can – and do – spend a lot of time in here. If you’ve ever sat through an epic all-day meeting you’ll know that it’s vital to get the level of comfort just right. Seating, air temperature, elbow room, lighting levels; all of these should support the high level of concentration and focus that is required here.
  • Flexibility
    As we’ve already said, your boardroom is required to do lots of different things during its lifetime. Make sure you consider how flexible you need the space to be, and crucially; how often, before you make choices on your fit out, furniture, or AV. Taking time to stop and think about this could save you time, money and frustration in the future!
  • Branding & Ethos
    This room is a great opportunity to broadcast what you stand for as an organization. You can spell it out with branding and graphics, or take a subtler approach with your furniture choices and layout. If yours is a creative organization you may want to create a relaxed environment to encourage creativity and collaboration. For the blue chips & corporates among us the space may require a more formal feel. Regardless of style, think of it as a way to cement your brand in the minds of “outsiders”, and remind employees and colleagues what they are working towards.
  • Free-flowing communication
    Meetings are about two-way communication and collaboration. As the host you will need to be a great facilitator by making good, timely choices on your equipment such as conference telephones, built-in power, clear and easily accessible projectors, and brainstorming tools. Whether your collaborators are physically present or not, technical hitches and poor equipment needn’t get in the way of the conversation.
  • Food & Drink
    This may seem whimsical but keeping your clients / colleagues fed and watered can make all the difference between “engaged” or “switched off”; at the very least it’s common courtesy to offer refreshment. If you are unable to build facilities into your space to cater for everyone’s basic needs, you can position the boardroom in close proximity to a kitchen or tea point making it easier to be the perfect host.

So there you have it: our top six wish-list items for a high performance boardroom. Over the next few weeks we’ll give you tips from each of our divisions for ticking every one of these boxes so keep checking back with us!

    Posted in Company News - 8th May, 2013





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