If Walls Could Talk - The Boardroom (Part 6)

“The businesses that articulate their purpose, paint it on their walls, and lead with the mission over the features, tend to gain the most trust and loyalty from both employees and customers.”

This poignant quote comes from an article written by Shane Snow (yet to establish whether he’s related to Miike Snow or not). Happily, it starts us off nicely on this weeks installment of our Boardroom Blog-series:

Part 6; Branding and Ethos

What better place to articulate your purpose as a business than the Boardroom?

  • The boardroom belongs to nobody and everybody all at once.
    You won’t find anybody’s baby pictures, post-it notes or files in here, and as such you can treat this space like a blank canvas.
  • The crowd that gathers here is a captive audience.
    They are here for a specific purpose, and most likely for a prolonged period of time. They’re not going anywhere (at least for now), so what better space is there to get your message across? The boardroom presents a fantastic opportunity to cement your brand and its values in the minds of outsiders, and remind employees and colleagues what they are working for.

We understand that plastering your brand or values across your boardroom walls won’t gain you “trust and loyalty” instantly, but it might just be a start.

Here are a few easy-peesy ways to display your brand & message in the boardroom… and anywhere else in the workplace for that matter:


Boardroom Series part 6: Branding

This frosted manifestation provides privacy, displays the company logo, and reinforces its links with the MOD & charity work supporting Help for Heroes. Project by Ben Johnson Ltd for Kelda Water


Boardroom Series part 6: Branding

This company went all-out for the Olympics by installing stadia-themed wallcoverings. We love the deckchairs too. Project by Ben Johnson Ltd for Lorien.

Boardroom Series part 6: Branding

Images that reflect your values or line of work, without being a literal interpretation can be a great focal point in the Boardroom. Project by Ben Johnson Ltd for Txttools now known as Blackboard ConnectTxt.

Vinyl lettering

Boardroom Series part 6: Branding

Okay, we’ll confess; this isn’t a boardroom. It’s actually Olly Murs’ own music studio. But what a great way to surround yourself with inspiration. Graphics by Alex Fowkes as seen on Behance

Boardroom Series part 6: Branding

Project by Ben Johnson Ltd for Txttools.


Boardroom Series part 6: Branding

Why wait for the meeting to begin? Bring your brand to life and communicate your message before anyone opens their mouth. This Project by Ben Johnson Ltd for Gratterpalm utilised the company’s logo suspended above the reception desk as a projection screen. Moving images animate the brand as soon as visitors enter the space.


<Boardroom Series part 6: Branding

Your choice of furniture, fixtures & fittings speaks volumes about your style & culture. We thought we’d show you Olly’s studio again as it displays this well. Don’t just stop at graphics, why not incorporate your brand colours (here it’s black and red) into your furniture, light fittings, joinery items…. Project Credits as above.

Branded products

Boardroom Series part 6: Branding

Items such as mugs and coasters will get used and seen every day. This is a really simple and relatively cheap way to give your brand greater visibility.

If you’d like any more ideas about how to use your Boardroom to its best advantage, please speak to one of our team.

To read more of Shane Snow’s work start here, then follow the links in his article (which are just as interesting).

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