“C'est la soupe qui fait le soldat”… - The Boardroom (Part 8)

If you’ve read the title above and haven’t got a clue what it means (don’t worry, neither did we) its literal translation; “It’s the soup that makes the soldier” is more commonly quoted as:

“An army marches on its stomach”

But what on earth has this got to do with boardrooms? Well, we know; a group of office workers does not an army make. And there probably isn’t a whole lot of marching going on in the UK’s workplaces right now. BUT whatever your main occupation at work today, you can be assured that an empty stomach will do nothing for your concentration levels. Regardless of how senior (or grown up) you may be, hunger is no respecter of persons.

Keeping a team fed and watered can make a huge difference to everyone’s focus and engagement in the boardroom. So, if a refurbishment is on the cards you could consider the following options for getting supplies to your front line:

Create in-built facilities:

If you have the space and utilities (plumbing & drainage) available, you could create a tea point just for use in the boardroom. Consider installing a coffee machine (perhaps a Teasmade is a tad outdated), a small tap & sink (or even a zip tap for on-demand hot and cold water) & some storage for crockery & cutlery. If you don’t have the space or plumbing to incorporate an in-room facility…

Locate the boardroom close to a kitchen / tea point:

Carting supplies through the office, or across a reception area is not ideal. If your existing space isn’t close to one of these facilities and you have the option of a minor relocation, then this could be your solution. Bear in mind that moving a tea point is likely to cost more due to the services required (this will limit your choices), and make sure you consider how busy the adjacent kitchen facility will be – if you are holding a meeting at lunchtime these areas can get pretty noisy so make sure your sound insulation is adequate.

Don’t forget the details:

Wherever your refreshments are made, don’t forget you will need a surface to put things on when serving your team, especially if it’s food. Employ a credenza (sideboard) with built-in storage if there is space, or you could use the old tea-trolley for more flexibility (and novelty value).
If you are keen to protect your table then don’t forget the coasters and place mats. You could even get them branded with your logo.

And finally, a foodie tip:

Whilst supplying refreshment is good practice, you should pick your provisions carefully to avoid inducing food coma. Coffee, cakes, donuts, or fast food may seem like a treat, but could send blood-sugar levels on a bit of a rollercoaster and prove a distraction to your team. Avoid too much caffeine, sugar, and fatty or starchy foods which weigh heavily. Instead offer lots of fruit, veg, and smaller snacky items. You can’t control how much people eat but you can offer healthy options.

And that – dear readers – is the last in our Boardroom blog series. Can you believe it? If you have any questions about refurbishing your meeting space (or any other area of your office) why not give one of our team a call on 01904 698 698

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