Raising Awareness for others - the LOK Wishing Tree Foundation

This week we were approached by one of our clients to help raise awareness of the Lindsey O’Brien Kesling Wishing Tree Foundation. Lindsey is the daughter of TP Orthodontics CEO Andrew Kesling. Tragically, Lindsey passed away three years ago after being exposed to deadly levels of the silent killer: Carbon Monoxide.

In addition to setting up a foundation honoring the fullness of Lindsey’s short life, Drew and many of Lindsey’s family and friends are petitioning state legislators in Indiana and Arizona to change the laws around CO detectors in dwellings. Would you join us in adding our voice, and signature, to Lindsey’s petition? By changing these laws, many more lives will be saved from a highly preventable cause of death.

You can add your signature here.

For more information on the foundation, click here.

Thank you

    Posted in Interiors - 8th October, 2013





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