Pearson Jones: Before & After

When Independent Financial Advisers Pearson Jones decided to extend their lease and remain in their existing offices, they approached Ben Johnson to advise them on how to refresh their client-facing areas. Here we give you the inside view on what a transformation it was. For the full case study and description of our services, head over to our case study page.

Reception Before

The old reception area was dark and dated

Reception After

Bespoke joinery and creation of a new backdrop to the reception desk helped to streamline the area and hide a lot of clutter.

Mtg Room Before

This meeting room had an eclectic collection of furniture (and a drinks cabinet James Bond would have been proud of) but required updating.

Mtg Room After

Introducing corporate graphics and unifying the look of the furniture brings the meeting room up to date. A new lighting scheme, door, and decoration throughout helps to lighten the space. This table is a bespoke solution with central column to ensure users have maximum leg room

Boardroom Before

A heavy wooden table and mismatched chairs meant this room was inflexible before.

Boardroom After

By repeating the meeting room’s corporate graphics and furniture finishes this Boardroom now belongs to the overall scheme.
New window treatments and a subtle colour scheme help to finish the look.

    Posted in Interiors - 11th February, 2014





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