Fuel Card Services

Fuel Card Services process huge amounts of customer paperwork including application forms, direct debit mandates, order forms and reports, all of which needs to be filed away against the relevant account in the CRM package. Manually scanning this documentation, sorting it, and filing it against the account was an incredibly time-intensive and costly process.

Ben Johnson Ltd implemented Abbyy FlexiCapture which has automated the process. Paperwork is now piled together and scanned as one, the software then separates, sorts and files the documents away against the correct account automatically.

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We also helped Fuel Card Services with their furniture requirements. Click here for the case study.

Ours was a particularly complex project, and the success of implementing FlexiCapture throughout the business can be attributed purely to the time invested before and after installation, which far exceeded our expectations.

Our services manager took time to understand our requirements, created a tailored solution which fit our business perfectly, and followed up to ensure everything operated as it should. The product has revolutionised the speed at which we scan directly into our CRM application, having gone from a rate of 6 pages per minute, to 60 with the new installation

James Lister, Head of IT
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