The Consulting Consortium

Sector: Financial Services
Location: Leeds
Services: Design, Fit out, Furniture Supply & Installation

Ben Johnson Ltd was introduced to The Consulting Consortium by Landlord Highcross to help them understand their space requirements. Critical to the success of the scheme was getting 70 people within a floor plate of 4951sqft. This was achieved by challenging the business’ workstation and storage standards as follows:
• Workstation footprint – The existing workstations were reduced from 1600 to 1400 bench style working and a personal locker system adopted rather than the traditional pedestals. The locker solution helped increase the user’s desk space and promoted a clean desk policy which was of particular interest to the client.
• Monitor Requirements – Reducing the workstation standard from 1600 to 1400 raised the additional question of how to accommodate two monitors. A double monitor arm was specified which lifted monitors off the desktop, increasing the user’s space and improving ergonomics.
• Work tools – the workstation space was released further by specifying all dividing screens with a single tool rail. This provided 3rd level storage off the desktop while encouraging a clean desk policy as the accessories could be stored away after the working day.
• Storage – TCC required high levels of on-site paper filing which had been accommodated within traditional tambour filing cabinets. Investing in a high density filing system meant the business could still accommodate 170 linear meters of filing storage within a smaller square footage, enabling them to fit into the smaller 4951sqft floor plate

The clean desk policy is a resounding success with other occupiers and visitors regularly commenting on how tidy the working environment remains!

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