Focus on The Boardroom

Ben Johnson Ltd has recently undertaken a series of Boardroom refurbishments. Some are stand-alone projects, others are part of a larger scheme.

Featured here are boardrooms for:

Boardroom furniture and fit out choices are many and varied, so we would recommend the following before embarking on such a project:

  • Decide well in advance how you will use your boardroom space to avoid costly gimmicks or omissions. Consider how flexible it needs to be, what level of acoustic performance you require, what technological equipment is a must and what you can do without. Will it be a multi-functional space? Could you incorporate some casual meeting facilities into the rest of your office that would save money?
  • Investigate the building that you are working with and understand it. This will help you when planning certain fit out alterations or acoustic reinforcements and inform your choices.

You can read more about how to approach a boardroom refurbishment in our series of blog posts:

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Part 4: Finding your comfort zone – Comfort
Part 5: To Flex or not to Flex – Flexibility
Part 6: If walls could talk – Branding & Ethos
Part 7: It’s not what you say, it’s how you say it – Communication
Part 8: An Army marches on its stomach – Refreshments

And we’ve even collated an album of Funky Boardrooms from around the World

If you are considering a full or part-refurbishment of your workplace please do give us a call. We would love to share our knowledge and help you on your way.

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