The Press Association

As the UK’s leading multimedia news agency, information provider, and supplier of business-to-business media services, the Press Association had previously been using a large international supplier to all of their offices and home workers throughout the UK & Ireland.

After being given the opportunity to review the usage of all products for a single year, Ben Johnson Ltd provided two proposals showing significant savings. On the identical basket of goods a 10% saving was immediately possible, however by reviewing the product usage as well as like-for-like pricing we identified where the true savings could be made and represented.

For our clients, second only to cost is the issue of service, and our team ensured that the Press Associations expectations were met by:

  • taking our drivers to sites to become familiar with the geography of buildings enabling future desk-top deliveries
  • supplying all end users with a manual and online training for our online store
  • realising further savings through product suggestions and monthly management reports

We take a proactive approach to account management, which our clients benefit from on a daily basis.

We are contacted daily by Office Supplies companies, who all say the same thing: they offer a better service and will be able save you money. Ben Johnson Ltd professed the same, and they have delivered on all their promises.

After an initial meeting with our account manager, some extensive analysis and projected cost savings, I was persuaded to switch suppliers. Our multi-site operation has benefited from significant costs savings, and is administered by great team who respond to any requests I have clearly and on time. Deliveries are exceptional with a real friendly team of drivers who even put our deliveries away for us and take certain deliveries to people’s desks!

Whether you are a company with many sites or a company with one office, Ben Johnson are a team which I cannot recommend enough.

Margaret Depledge, Manager
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