Manning Stainton

Manning Stainton’s Survey Department were processing an average of 250 surveys per month when Ben Johnson Ltd first partnered with them. They faced a challenge of:

  • storing the required paper documentation,
  • managing it to the high standards required by the regulatory bodies, and
  • retrieving it efficiently and effectively.

Ben Johnson Ltd provided a tailored demonstration of the Invu Document Management System including web access.The demonstration showed Manning Stainton how they could easily scan their paperwork and make it available to their surveyors via the internet.

By attaching a multi-functional printer and scanner to the system as well as planning the process of back-scanning the existing surveys, the project was complete.

Ben Johnson has allowed us to take thousandss of files off the shelves and deliver them to our fingertips within a couple of keystrokes.

Office space has been freed, file retrieval time has decreased and we’re now quicker to answer customer enquiries.

Mike Andrews, Director
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