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SBL specialise in delivering a range of software licensing, PC hardware and information assurance products and services.

The project at SBL was a classic example of how an in depth Print Audit can uncover significant return on investment (ROI) potential and enable a comprehensive upgrade of print assets.

The audit process covered:

  • Printer consumable spends
  • Printer volumes
  • Cost per print
  • Process level auditing to identify number of emails printed etc
  • User level auditing to identify volumes / cost per user
  • Asset placement

Which led to a solution design that:

  • Provided ROI with a net saving of 19% versus existing costs
  • Provided a new fleet of centralised multi-functional printers
  • Included the provision of a print management platform
  • Enabled follow me and secure printing
  • Enabled remote consumables and machine management

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