Sector: Automated Mobile Messaging
Location: Leeds
Services: Furniture Supply (as part of a D&B package. See our Interiors case study)

As a subsidiary of American company Blackboard Connect, Txttools required an office environment that supported the various working styles across the company. Most importantly this included remote communication with their colleagues across the Atlantic and having experienced Steelcase furniture products before, the directors were keen to incorporate the award winning Media:Scape product into the scheme.

They were also keen to support British manufacturers, and were especially interested in Ben Johnson due to our position as an independent furniture dealer, with the ability to source a variety of products across the industry.

The space was broken down into work zones by team, with formal and informal meeting space and a dedicated breakout area. The design utilised some of the latest furniture and technology products available on the market from Steelcase, complemented by those from other UK furniture manufacturers Elite, Allermuir and Sixteen3.

A truly inspiring space and a great place to work.

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