Document Management & Workflow

Sharing information efficiently and appropriately

Document Management

How often has your business mislaid an important Invoice, Contract, Proposal or Order?

Can you honestly say that every employee has complete visibility of all the documentation they need to effectively do their job?

Are you running out of storage space or worried about how paper documentation can be considered in your disaster recovery plan?

Electronic document management may be able to play a role in answering these questions and more. Whilst products and their individual features play a small role, the key to effective document management lies in the upfront planning and project management; the experience of the service provider is key to a projects success.

Ben Johnson Ltd have implemented successful Document Management projects across a range of industries and company sizes. From the smallest department to the largest organisation we have the experience to execute your Document Management project.

Document Routing and Workflow

Do you have documents that need approval or sign off such as Purchase Invoices, Sales Orders, Mileage Forms, Expenses Forms or Holiday Requests?

Manually moving these documents around their intended workflow and capturing information at each stage can prove to be a slow and costly process. Documents can now be routed electronically around complex and flexible workflows, ensuring the correct sign-off process takes place and even capturing additional information along the way.

Systems can provide complete visibility of the process and steps can take place in parallel. Whether your document is a Purchase Invoice or Engineering Drawing we can help route it around its intended process.