Our Handy Guide to Acoustic Pods (And Why You Might Need One in Your Office!)


In today’s office, busy workers need to block out a plethora of daily distractions. We all know how annoying it can be, to attempt to work amongst the buzz and bustle. Those workplace distractions can come in all shapes and sizes but one of the quickest and simplest ways to give your team the chance for some peace is with an Acoustic Pod, conveniently placed within your existing space.

Our complete guide to Acoustic Pods- Ben Johnson Interiors

The Sedus range of acoustic pods is ever-popular, offering privacy and quiet (scroll down to find these and others discussed in further detail in our Top Picks!)

Hold up. What exactly is an acoustic pod?

Well, simply put, acoustic office pods allow businesses to create new, dynamic, self-contained spaces for employees to work, brainstorm or take a phone call away from the rest of the office, thus avoiding the distractions and noise of their colleagues.

It’s essentially a room within a room but can come in a variety of different sizes, shapes and styles. Importantly, they’re also available for different budgets and don’t require extensive construction work!

It’s that ability to simply add private areas to existing floor plans (and to do so relatively quickly) which has led to the recent proliferation of pods. Architectural intervention is no longer required to divide a space.

With the bonus of reducing noise alongside optimising privacy, whether you’re in the process of redesigning your office, or looking to optimise your available space post-pandemic, acoustic office pods are a solution well worth considering. Adapting your office space to meet your day to day business needs has never been easier.

This guide will aim to help shed a little light on the benefits of acoustic pods, the different options, the best placement and reasons to invest, from our experience of reshaping offices across the board, offering peace and privacy for so many of our commercial clients.

We’re exploring everything you need to know before choosing the right acoustic pod for your office, and we hope you’ll find plenty of valuable inspiration here!

7 Benefits of Acoustic Office Pods

1. Improving concentration and productivity

If nearly 3 out of 4 workers admit they struggle with distractions at work there’s definitely some room for improvement! That’s 70%! Offering your team the option of an area with fewer distractions, where they can go to escape both audio and visual distractions will boost concentration levels and therefore maximise productivity.

2. Noise reduction

We reckon this is the most obvious benefit of acoustic office pods – their ability to block out sound by up to 100%, giving both those inside and outside the pod a quieter environment to concentrate in.

3. Quiet for conference calls

For those meetings that can’t happen in person, particularly in our post-pandemic world, businesses need a solution that works for remote catchups, product demos, sensitive information swaps and more, but without bothering or informing anyone in the vicinity. The modern open office can be a very noisy place, so calls and Zooms can be easily disrupted and disruptive to others.

4. Catering for Neurodiversity

Have you considered the differing neurological needs your employees might have? Often those with conditions such as ADHD, dyslexia and autism require quiet areas in order to work well and could be more likely to experience increased anxiety in large, open or noisy spaces. Although we’re sure all employees could benefit from a quiet place to focus and gather their thoughts!

5. Added privacy

We know that with any business there will be times when confidential or private affairs will be discussed, either between clients or team members. You’ll need a solution that provides privacy, ensuring that these types of discussions aren’t compromised.

6. Future proof

The flexibility of acoustic pods means they’re an investment you make for your team, not for your office building. When it comes to moving offices, whether that be in one or five years’ time, your versatile pods can be taken with you to your new location.

7. Cost-effective solutions

Not only are the acoustics pods attractive and useful but they’re an affordable and hassle-free option – far more so than the structural work involved in building new rooms and whatnot. There’s no need to bring in builders, resulting in less planning, reduced office downtime, and lower costs.

Our Top Picks of Acoustic Pods

We’ve established the reasons that acoustic pods are such a good idea, but where to go from here? How do you begin picking the perfect acoustic pod for your office?

We’ve pulled together a list of some of our favourite office pods, based on the extensive expertise of Danielle Barton, our resident office furniture expert!

  • The room-in-room modules on offer from Sedus and their se:cube range has set new standards in terms of assembly, acoustics and atmosphere, offering space for up to eight people to retreat, hold meetings or for relaxation.
  • Boss Design released a new range last year; the Mews collection pods (shown below) enhance your employees well being through air quality, temperature and lighting that in turn improves the quality of work, connection and collaboration.

Our complete guide to Acoustic Pods- Ben Johnson Interiors

  • The Orangebox On The QT acoustic pods (below) are small ‘phone booth’ type pods, perfect for when space is a concern. They come in a handy, variety of colourways.

Our complete guide to Acoustic Pods- Ben Johnson Interiors

  • For those seeking something ‘outside the box’, the Meeting Pod and The Escape Pod from the aptly named Meeting Pod Company, are aesthetically different due to their round shape, instead of the more often seen square designs.
  • We’re also a fan of the BuzziNest from Buzzispace, as they have great acoustics and are easy to move at the drop of a hat. They come in different sizes for sized gatherings, while still looking great in all iterations, adding a sense of style to any workplace environment.

Our complete guide to Acoustic Pods- Ben Johnson Interiors

So, that’s our rundown of the need-to-know facts about acoustic office pods.

To find out how exactly your particular business might best benefit from the addition of an acoustic pod, and which kind might work best for you, get in touch and we’ll get our team’s combined industry expertise on the case for you.