Our Top Office Furniture Picks From 2021


We all enjoy geeking out over office design here at Ben Johnson Interiors – it’s one of the many things that make us so good at our jobs – and this week we’ve caught up with our resident workplace furniture expert, Danielle, to get here rundown of the five top office furniture products of 2021, in anticipation of some of the exciting new things to come in the new year.

It’s no great secret that stylish, comfortable offices with purpose-built, practical furnishings strengthen your company brand and encourage productivity.

With that in mind, we thought you might like to know what we thought of the jazzy and clever solutions that are already out there in the workplace wilderness, and see how they might improve the wellbeing of staff and the overall design of your office setup.

So, without further festive ado, let’s dive into our Ben Johnson Interiors Office Furniture Roundup of the Year!

Frovi Trost high back chair makes a real statement while also providing a moment of R&R. It’s made from eco-conscious materials and you know you’re onto a winner when

The Trost chair has been designed to wrap you into a hug, with its soft, reassuring form helping you to destress and unwind.

Agilita’s Persy One Acoustic Phone Booth has an interior made of recycled PET felt and, on top of that, the creation of each phone booth recycles 800 plastic bottles, making this product good for having private phone calls and beneficial to the environment!

But more on the acoustics; Persy One really does an exceptional job, having a total of five layers of soundproofing materials inside the 80mm thick walls, each absorbing different sound frequencies. The glass contains two layers with an acoustic laminate that limits sound entering or leaving the booth, all resulting in an impressive 35db sound reduction.

You’re getting two for one here as we’ve got two favourite products from Boss Design. Firstly, Boss Design’s Paloma Meeting and Lounge Chairs are a lovely design, available in both meeting and lounge versions (lounge having a slightly wider seat) and have become one of their best sellers due to the lovely frame around the back and well crafted contours.

Also from Boss Design, the Ola Multifunctional Chair is available in a range of bases, from the four leg, a sled base, the four star base and the five star base on castors. It also comes in either a wood shell or a choice of eight very comfortable plastic shells, with either a seat pad, the fully upholstered option and with or without arms. Phew! That’s a lot of options!

So you could use the wipe-clean plastic shell chair in a café or break space, or one of the more upholstered versions on a collaboration table for comfortable working, or the fully upholstered version on a five star castor base in a meeting room for ultimate comfort and flexibility. We approve!

Senator Play Storage & Media Units offer storage with an infinite number of possible combinations. These modular solutions can either be stand alone units used to break up space or positioned alongside existing furniture, even adding greenery with the plant box option.

The chairs sit on an attractive metal frame, available in five colours to fit in with any office aesthetic. There’s also a Play Media Unit with storage underneath, allowing you to create a homely meeting area, collaboration or breakout space, as shown in the second image below.

The nifty little Atelier Prive Meeting Booth has a smaller footprint than many other meeting booths so can fit in more spaces, which we’re big fans of. Creating a buffer for more private collaborative or quiet solo work, it also has a lovely black metal leg detail that designers and clients alike will love.

And there you have it!

Our roundup of some of the top office furniture products we’ve been working with through 2021 (and will likely continue to use well into 2022!).

If any of these have tickled your fancy, or if you need some more recommendations or a specialist eye to assist with your workplace renovation project, why not get in touch and let’s get the new year off to a productive start!