Coronavirus Statement


Ben Johnson Interiors continues to adhere to and follow all the latest Government advice about Coronavirus (COVID-19).

This is a challenging time for so many people across the world and the health and wellbeing of our employees, clients and the wider community remains our number one priority.

We are certainly insisting that any employee who believes they have relevant symptoms to self-isolate immediately. At least two board members will then assess further risks and determine any necessary containment actions.

Where possible we are asking our employees to work from home. We already practice agile working for many of our roles, so many employees are already experienced in working from home effectively.

For the very few people where it is essential to continue working at our office, we are instituting rigorous cleaning procedures, practicing safe working and social distancing and regular hand washing.

Whilst our customers continue to keep their project sites open, we are respecting their policies in full, and as a minimum following all guidance rigorously without exception.

Proactively, we are also asking employees and subcontractors who are continuing to work at and visit project sites for essential business continuity reasons to complete a self-assessment form to confirm they are not at risk of having the Coronavirus. Individuals will be asked to complete this daily before being allowed onto a project site. This also applies to visitors to our own offices, whilst we are only open for business essential visits.

We have also added infra-red thermometers as a part of all our office and project site first aid kits.

Our priority is to keep all employees and individuals working in our business community safe. We will continue operating as normal, but only where that is possible and always within government rules and guidelines.

If this situation should change, then we will review this statement accordingly.

Adrian Rumble, Managing Director, Ben Johnson Ltd