Search Consultancy

Search Consultancy

Sector: Call Centres / General Office
Location: National
Date: N/A
Size: 3,000 - 10,000 sqft

The Brief

One of the UK’s leading recruitment consultancies. With over 13 office locations spread throughout the country.

Ben Johnson Interiors support Search Consultancy nationally, completing office fit-outs and relocations. We have worked closely with them to develop an office design guide to ensure all offices have a common theme and working culture. Challenges often include designing around the existing air conditioning system to avoid costly reconfigurations and optimising the space to ensure the maximum number of employees can be accommodated within the parameters of the building.

The Solution

All the offices are designed to have a natural split between the open plan working area and the reception and meeting rooms. The meeting rooms are predominantly interview rooms with one larger room for training. The working area is a call centre environment with a W1200x800 desk footprint planned efficiently to ensure space optimisation. A generous kitchen and breakout area is installed to promote staff wellbeing and encourage employees to get away from their desks.

The fit-out scope of works includes, all partitioning, mechanical and electrical alterations, kitchen, new furniture, feature graphics and manifestation on the front of the meeting rooms and behind reception. Following the successful fit-out of the Leeds Office, we continue to work with Search, refurbishing and relocating various offices across the United Kingdom. The schemes are designed to the same theme and palette as Leeds.

Ben Johnson Interiors have successfully delivered many office relocations for us nationally over the years. They always have a dedicated site supervisor and project manager on site to ensure effective communication at all times. We will continue to work with them for all our office moves.

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