Tangent Marketing Services

Tangent Marketing Services

Sector: Design & Marketing
Location: North East
Date: Jun 2018
Size: 3,000 sqft

The Brief

Following the design and fit-out of the offices for Epic Games, we were introduced to Tangent as a contractor who had experience of the building they were relocating to and experience of designing offices for developers. Tangent had a mix of developer and general office functions to work around. The design had to incorporate the business’s ambitious expansion plans plus include areas for informal meeting and scrum working. The client wanted something different and high quality and our team had to work closely with them to meet their expectations in terms of partitioning, kitchens and furniture supply.


The Solution

Tangent were working to a tight time frame. To help them make decisions swiftly we arranged for them to visit a few of our existing installations. Turnitin in particular proved very useful in terms of seeing what a difference feature floor could make to a scheme, and also examples of scrum working. We also took them to London to visit several manufacturers showrooms to help firm up the feature partitioning, kitchen and furniture specification. Key features of the scheme were the black framed partitioning, feature flooring, kitchen and high end furniture pieces.

We’re absolutely delighted with the end result (as is our chairman) and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Ben Johnson for their outstanding work.

Helen Oliver

Director of Service | Tangent

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