Unilever Pilot Plant

Unilever Pilot Plant

Sector: Labs & Specialist
Location: West Yorkshire
Date: Jun 2014
Size: 3,000 sqft

The Brief

Ben Johnson were appointed by Unilever to look at the design of their Pilot Plant area, which was very cramped and dated. The new scheme had to encourage team working and collaboration, creating an open feel with visibility of the pilot production area and lots of natural light.


The Solution

The Pilot Plant office was created through constructing a mezzanine floor over the production area, the front was fully glazed so the team could see the production facility at all times. All the teams were moved into the resulting open plan area, working on 120 degree desk footprints, which encouraged collaboration yet supported concentration as the users were not sat directly across from each other. A small kitchenette and breakout area was provided within the office area to support breaks and informal meetings. A 4 person meeting room and 12 person boardroom were constructed to accommodate Project meetings, fully glazed to maintain the light/collaborative feel. Scope of works included full height glazing to the front of the mezzanine and meeting rooms partitioning, new suspended ceilings and lighting, internal bulk heads, kitchenette, new floor finishes, decoration and furniture.

The key challenge of the project was Health & Safety, as the production facility was fully operational throughout the project. This was particularly challenging when installing the mezzanine glazing and internal bulk heads at high level .

The final touch was the manifestation design, applied to all the partitioning and mezzanine glazing. Ben Johnson worked with the Pilot Plant team to develop a relevant schematic drawing into a graphic that could be applied to the glazed surface to achieve the WOW Factor.

“The final product in all cases is first class and all new owners of their respective areas are very, very pleased and I genuinely hope that we can all work together again on any future project that might arise.”

Chris Fletcher

Contract Project Engineer | Unilever

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