2 Days, 15 Miles, 24 Showrooms Andy Shaw visits Clerkenwell 2018

Clerkenwell Design Week has come and gone, and once again it did not fail to impress.

My aim over the two days was to visit as many showrooms as possible, and by this I don’t mean walk in and back out again but actually look, touch and feel all the new products our supply partners are releasing at this years CDW2018.


Connection Furniture

I saw a lot of influences on my travels throughout the show. The first I noticed was the industrial feel, this then moved on to the natural world with the use of wood, biophilic design and earthy colours.

Creatif had a busy Clerkenwell 2018 with the launch of their new showroom and a brand new range of furniture. One interesting item as the shelving unit which had shelves and backing made from acoustic products so it can be used to create a separate, quieter space.

All in all, as it always does, the event inspired me to continue to help create fresh, stylish workplaces.

Andy Shaw
Consultant, Design & Build Projects
Ben Johnson Interiors