Think the festive season is a bad time to recruit? Think again.

December is famously a season of Christmas parties, overindulging, dodgy jumpers, and a more relaxed approach to work. Whilst many of your competitors will be winding down their recruiting efforts until the new year, that doesn’t mean it’s a bad time for you to find your next star employee. In a candidate-led market, it is the turn of businesses to sharpen their competitive edge, and the festive season is perfect for getting ahead. Here’s why:


Get your vacancy noticed

Advertising on Job boards tends to go quiet at this time of year. Many businesses hold off on projects due to staff holidays, or budget restrictions at the end of the quarter and so won’t be placing any new vacancies now. It is therefore a great time for your vacancy to stand out before the pace ramps up again in January.


Easily connect with candidates

Many potential candidates will have time off at home. This means they may spend more time online on things that aren’t directly work-related such as updating profiles, contacting friends on social media, and generally browsing around. By actively promoting your vacancy on a site such as LinkedIn at this time of year, you are more likely to get noticed and have a chance to connect directly with the candidate. The next step of setting up a face to face meeting can be done easily and discreetly before normal work schedules resume in the new year.

Capitalise on a reflective mood

The end of one year and beginning of another inevitably causes us to reflect back, and plan forward. Many of us will use the Christmas break to take stock, and that often results in a greater level of visits to job board sites. People want to know what’s out there, if they can do any better, what they are worth and so on. You can capitalise on this behaviour by marketing your role now. Don’t wait until January!


Spend your existing resource wisely.

A new recruit consumes a lot of time and resource before they’ve even joined you. Similarly, after the hiring process has finished, induction and training requires heavy investment from your existing workforce. Rather than squeezing everyone’s diaries in the new year when the workload ramps up again, spend their time well during this quieter phase and get your new hires in and settled before the new year rush.

If you have hiring budget to spend – or a vacancy that needs filling- before the year is out,  why not give our team a call?

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