Do's & Don'ts to Job Searching whilst Employed

Spring : A time for new beginnings.

If you’re primed and ready to make a change along with the season we’re with you 100%. If you’re one of the lucky ones searching for a job whilst holding down a job … well, we can help with that too. Managing a successful and active job hunt whilst in employment is not always straight forward so follow our top tips to stay ahead of the game, and prevent any #awkward conversations with your boss.

1. DO Prioritise your time 

View your job search like any other project. Be organised and consistent, and allocate time during the evening or at weekends to dedicate to this project. Make sure that you have your “job search” time blocked out in your mental calendar to prevent it from becoming an all-consuming obsession. Checking emails and notifications at every available opportunity will affect your focus and commitment to your current role.


2. DON’T scatter-gun it

Sending your CV out to all and sundry is not only time consuming, it can also be detrimental to your search. When a hiring manager calls you about your application they don’t want to hear “What job was it again?”. Struggle to remember which role they are talking about doesn’t exactly scream “I want this job” now does it? 

Be incredibly targeted and keep a record of every role you apply for. It is essential you know where and why you have applied for each role.


3. DO Leverage your contacts

Reach out to people in your circle and let them know you are open to something new. Recommendations are hugely powerful and your contacts may know of roles that are new and not advertised yet. Employers are always interested in candidates that are recommended by current, valued members of staff.


4. DON’T use your work computer.

It is never a good idea to do anything personal on your work computer, particularly using it for a job search. Even if your company has very relaxed views on usage, the computer belongs to them and technically they can look at what you are doing whenever they want.


5. DON’T answer calls while in work

You will be tempted to answer calls from recruiters immediately, especially if it could be an invitation to interview for a much desired role. Resist the urge! Jumping up and leaving the office to answer a call is particularly suspicious behaviour, and even if they don’t cotton on, your employer will notice that your head isn’t in the game. Remember; you haven’t got that new role yet, so don’t risk the one you have.


6. DO Ask for interviews outside of work hours

Taking holiday or – even worse – calling in sick to attend interviews is just not sustainable in what could be a lengthy job search. If you have been offered an interview, have the confidence to ask if they can see you out of hours. Most prospective employers will respect the fact that you want to show commitment to your current role by interviewing outside of work.


7. DO Use a Recruiter

Using a recruiter is like having another “you” on the case between 9am and 5pm. While you are at your day job, a recruiter can do a lot of the legwork for you without you getting into any bother. So, find a Recruiter in your sector and register with them; it’s free to you as a candidate, so what’s stopping you? They know what is going on, and who is hiring in your industry so will leverage their knowledge and expertise on your behalf.


And finally :

Stay consistent and positive, make sure your CV is up to date and relevant to the role you are applying for, and keep a close eye on the job boards and career pages for your dream companies.


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