Tips for Interview Success Week Three Dress to Impress!

This might seem like a painfully obvious point to make, but after you’ve spent so much time preparing for your interview, please don’t fall at the last hurdle with a simple wardrobe malfunction! Humans are innately shallow and form judgements within seconds of meeting one another, so it is vital that you look the part. 

Your appearance is part of how you make a great first impression, so here are our top tips: 

  1. Dress accordingly. For companies that have a business or business-casual dress code keep your look basic and conservative for the first interview. Not sure what to wear? You can: Get in touch with a contact or friend who works at the company you’re interviewing with, and ask them to give you a heads up. Contact your recruiter: if they are any good, they will have been there themselves, Check out the website, if its corporate wear or business casual, dress the same.

  2. Do a “dress” rehearsal”. People often have an “interview suit” that’s been sitting in their closet for the past couple of years. Leaving it til the morning of your interview before you discover it’s two sizes too small, or that it’s faded or moth-eaten is never helpful. Give yourself plenty of time; try the outfit on well in advance to avoid any last-minute trolly dashes round your local department store.

  3. Don’t forget about the little things: Clean shoes, check for loose hems, and make sure your fingernails look manicured. This is the stuff you hope people won’t notice, but they do!

  4. Do a little pampering. If that means a new outfit, haircut or even manicure, then by all means do it! Feeling good about yourself will boost your confidence—and we probably don’t have to tell you that confidence is key to landing your dream job.

  5. Print out a copy of your CV. Don’t assume the interviewer will have a copy so have it ready to go in case you’re asked for it. Just make sure it’s the same one you sent with your application!

  6. Prepare a an interview kit. It should be large enough to hold your everyday essentials, plus your interview musts, such as extra CV’s (making sure it’s the right one) and a notepad, as well as anything you might need in an unexpected situation (umbrella!).

  7. Get some sleep. Yep, we know we sound like your mum but there are few things that will throw you off your game like sleep deprivation. It’s not cool, and no interviewer needs to hear about it. Take a bath, get an early night, do what you need to do; tomorrow is a big day!


What are your top tips for feeling confident on the day?

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