Tips for Interview Success Week Four The Big Day

The more you have prepared and researched ahead of time, the calmer you will be when it comes to the big day. Here are our final few tips to give you the best possible chance of a successful interview.

  1. Know your route. Understand exactly where you are going and check out the parking or public transport options. Take into account any potential delays. It’s better to be early than late so leave plenty of time. If you arrive with lots of time to spare, find a nearby café and do some last minute prep.

  2. Follow the 10 minute rule. You should aim to arrive at your interview location no more than 10 minutes early. Any earlier and you may put your interviewer under undue pressure to see you. Not a good start.

  3. Make yourself known. When you arrive in the building, announce your arrival at reception in a friendly and courteous manner. Never make assumptions about who they are; you might be speaking to the MD’s wife / family member so it’s vital you treat everyone with respect.

  4. Stay Hydrated. Interviewing and talking can be thirsty work so if you are offered a drink, ask for a glass of water. We would recommend this over tea or coffee as these can actually dehydrate you, make you a little hyperactive and even send you running to the toilet a little too often.

  5. Stay calm. Breathe calmly and take your time to answer questions. Its best to take a few seconds to compose your answer than rush in and say something you can’t retract.

  6. Ask great questions. Make sure you ask relevant questions, it shows you are interested, that you care, and that you have done your research.

  7. Find out what’s next. At the end of the interview, ask what the next steps will be. It shows you are keen and you will walk away knowing the timescales for the rest of the process.

  8. Say thank you. Once you are home, send an email to the interviewer thanking them for their time and express how keen you are to hear back from them soon.


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