Why you should use a Recruiter : 6 reasons for Job Hunters

We’ve all been there;

You get an incoming call from an unknown number and it turns out to be a recruiter (groan). To most people, unsolicited calls like this are only marginally less annoying than those from a PPI call centre. You are not alone in wishing you’d screened them, followed by experiencing dread / irritation / “why-can’t-they-leave-me-alone?”-type feelings. And another thing: why do they always seem to be roles that are at least two levels too junior for you? Or in a completely different sector? Believe it or not, it’s happened to us too.

But wait! Before you dismiss that person completely, they could have something of interest for you. Ok, you’re happy in your job now, but there could be something better out there that you are unaware of. Or what happens if your circumstances change? Recruiters can play a crucial part in the development of your career, and don’t forget that as a candidate their services to you are totally free of charge.

So take 5 to read through our 6 reasons to use a recruiter below, and maybe I can change your mind. What have you got to lose?


1) There is a Hidden Job Market

It’s not often spoken about in circles outside of recruitment and board meetings, but there are roles available that are not advertised publicly for a variety of reasons. Maybe someone is leaving a business, and a gap between their departure and the replacement’s arrival could unsettle the rest of the workforce. Speed is of the essence. Maybe someone is underperforming and being managed out of a business. Unpleasant, yes, but that role needs to be filled covertly in which case a recruiter is brought in. These roles are not advertised openly for very good reasons, and the only way to get access to them is to speak to a recruiter.



2) You can use their Connections

Recruiters regularly get asked by companies to keep their eyes open for great candidates. There may not be an existing role to fill, but most successful companies will not miss out on greatness, they will make room for the perfect person!


3) They have insider Knowledge & Expertise

Recruiters are working directly in your industry. They will already be able to distinguish the good from the bad and the ugly when it comes to employers. A company may have a great website, but if the staff turnover is high a recruiter will know about it, and the reasons for it. They have insider knowledge and understand your industry in detail from practicalities like pay scales, to industry trends and challenges.



4. You will always get Feedback

There is nothing worse in the job hunting process than radio silence after an interview. Feedback is crucial to help you understand your progress, and how you (and your CV) are perceived in the market. But you’re not the only one who needs this. Recruiters also want to hear feedback from the company you just saw, AND they will do the chasing for it so you don’t have to worry about putting that call in. It’s just one less thing for you to worry about!


5. You have a true ally

Don’t forget you and the recruiter have the same end goal: for you to get The Job. To that end, a good recruiter will dig out the right roles for you, and make sure you are fully prepared for an interview. Remember, they know the client and they know the exact candidate they are looking for. They will do their best to ensure you do yours. And if you’re not successful first time around: don’t fret. Once you are on their radar they will be in touch when the next opportunity comes up.

On a side note, if you start to feel that you are being shoehorned into unsuitable roles, or that the recruiter will try and place you at any cost, it’s time to find another recruitment company. We hate this behaviour as much as the next person so we suggest you run a mile in the opposite direction.


6. It’s free!

We know it’s hard to believe (I mean, is anything really free these days?), but here’s how it works: Companies pay recruiters once a candidate is placed, so you – as the candidate – pay nothing for a recruiter’s services. You have someone out their championing you, opening doors on your behalf, and all for free!


So there you have it. 6 very good reasons to consider using a recruiter (or at least listening to their spiel next time they call) for your next career move. Don’t forget, we’re on your side!

Come back next week when we will have 6 reasons for Companies to use a Recruiter.

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