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We have been working with Inkwrx as an accredited partner for the last few years to deliver tablet and phone based forms solutions.

These solutions enable customers to collect data in the field replacing traditional paper based approaches. Their solutions decrease reliance on manual processes, improve customer communications and drive down associated costs.


Originally founded in 2002 as Destiny Wireless, INKWRX is now at the forefront of data capture solutions. The company has a wealth of experience in mobile communications, telematics and data capture technologies, and an in-depth understanding of how new technology can be deployed for greater business efficiency.


INKWRX is a web-based digital data capture platform which allows businesses to go paperless or paper-lite, capturing important business information effortlessly and securely using tablets or digital pens. The solution gives the customer total control over the in-house design of digital forms, to manage users and the devices used for data capture. Customers can review, edit and replay captured data and build custom workflows that integrate with existing systems.


With INKWRX the mobile workforce has more time to focus on their core tasks rather than managing paperwork, and regular trips back to the office are no longer needed saving time, money and the environment. Mobile forms based capture reduces or eliminates the need for paper – saving storage space and trees, eliminates the costs of data input and double keying information from paper forms and improves the accuracy of data. 

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