Managed Print Services

What is a Managed Print Service?

There are many different definitions for a Managed Print Service

According to the Managed Print Services Association (MPSA) a Managed Print Service is ‘The active management and optimisation of business processes related to documents and information, including input and output devices’.

We don’t have an absolute definition but having implemented Managed Print Services since 1991 here is what our MPS delivers:

  An assessment of your current print needs and document workflows.

   Hardware pre-delivery testing, delivery, installation and configuration.

   Service Desk: support via phone, email or web.

  Service Targets: On-site response, First Time Fix, Availability.

  Automated meter reads for cost per copy invoicing.

  Creation of an MPS design in line with your requirements and budgets.

   End User / Administrator training.

   Hardware Maintenance: Reactive and Preventative.

  Automated consumables replenishment.

  Monthly / Quarterly Service Review meetings.

MPS Dispelling The Myths

MPS is just a commercial model that allows toner to be paid for on a cost per copy basis. 

– Not true, toner is only one element of a cost per copy charge – see list of other elements above.

An all inclusive CPC is more cost effective as you don’t need a lease and the hardware cost is included in the CPC.

– Not true, most all inclusive CPC models have a minimum print volume clause and if you fail to meet this you end up paying for prints you didn’t do. All inclusive CPC models in no way incentivise the service provider to reduce your print volume, in fact quite the opposite!

MPS is about rationalising your print estate and replacing desktop printers with fewer, shared Multi-Functional Devices (MFDs).

– Whilst removing high cost printers and moving print volumes to lower cost, shared MFDs is good practice it is not a pre-requisite. Our hardware designs are based on your requirements and the needs of your business, rather than a pre-defined MPS template. All of the MPS elements listed above can be delivered regardless of whether the hardware fleet is made up of MFDs or printers.

MPS will save you up to 30%

– Not true, there is evidence to support this but not all Manage Print Service providers are created equal! There is a direct correlation between the skill, capability, expertise and experience of the service provider and your ability to achieve the savings documented in the service provider’s sales proposal.

With MPS Energy consumption will be reduced

– Not true, energy consumption will only be decreased if the print devices proposed by the service provider are more energy efficient than the ones being replaced.

With MPS paper consumption will be reduced

– Not true, MPS does not deliver a reduction in paper consumption by default. Print volumes and paper consumption will only be reduced if a) you want this to happen and b) the service provider has the experience to help you create an effective print policy and the software solutions to help you enforce it.

With MPS employee productivity will be increased

– Not true, with an effective MPS employee productivity will be increased. A service provider that cannot meet the response time / restore time commitments they made to you will not improve device availability and employee productivity will suffer.

Why Ben Johnson Managed Print Services?


  • Quality – we only work with award winning, market leading hardware manufacturers.
  • Reliability – we offer robust devices with low failure rates even in ‘hostile’ environments.
  • Usability – the user interface of our devices is intuitive and typically common across models.
  • Green – our devices are amongst the most energy efficient on the market.


  • All of our service engineers are directly employed by Ben Johnson.
  • Our Service Desk is locally based in our York office.
  • We don’t just say we provide preventative maintenance, it’s the foundation of what we do.
  • We achieve market leading response / restore / first time fix rates.


  • We design, implement, configure, test, support and maintain all of the solutions we sell, in house.


  • We have been trading for over 150 years, and boast over 26 years experience of delivering Managed Print Services.

Partnership Model

  • We focus on our clients, helping them improve their business, and not sustaining their print volumes.
  • Our commercial model is transparent and our contracts are void of typical industry used penalty clauses. You pay for the hardware via a lease or outright, and all the other services listed are paid for through a simple cost per copy charge (CPC).


We go the extra mile to ensure customer satisfaction.

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