Five Reasons to use one Office Products Supplier for your Multi-Site Business

If you have read our news article about exhibiting at the Hunters National Conference, you’ll know we proudly hold the position of Preferred Supplier Status in all of Hunters national and franchise offices. You’re probably thinking “Good for you, but what’s that got to do with me?” Well, if you own or run a multi-site business, then read on.

We’ve been in this game for a while, and we’ve come across the pitfalls of procurement many times. If you are grappling with monitoring costs, differing levels of service from one supplier to the next or invoices in their hundreds and thousands perhaps it’s time to do things differently.

Here’s five reasons we think you should consider using a single Business Products supplier for your multi-site business:



Whether you are ordering printed collateral, branded stationery, or just a set of marker pens, ordering from the same supplier provides assurance that you have continuity of quality, price, and service across all your sites. Our offering is the same for all our customers whether they are 100 yards or 100 miles away and we never outsource to people we don’t know, like and trust. Neither should you.

Savings & Consolidation

When you use a single supplier, savings come in two ways:

  1. Greater purchasing power. Using one supplier to source across multiple product categories will give you more control and purchasing power, and enable you to negotiate greater total savings.

  2. Recouping the hidden costs of sourcing office products. Time spent sourcing, comparing prices, taking stock and processing invoices all adds up. With all your products provided by one supplier in a single order, invoice and delivery, you can remove many of these “soft costs” across your supply chain.

Instead of multiple invoices from multiple suppliers delivering to multiple sites, we can provide one invoice, covering all your product lines, and encompassing every one of your sites. Not only does this make it easier for your finance team to process payments, it also means you are able to keep an eye on the budget and gives you greater visibility over what your teams are spending. Which leads us neatly onto the next one.

Cost monitoring

Whilst it’s probably tempting for your buyers to hop online for a quick price comparison on Amazon or Staples, this often leads to disparate buying habits that are difficult to keep in check. Simon from HR wants a set of pens yesterday, Jilly from Operations wants to order a new set of branded sweatshirts for her team and it’s not long before you are seeing deliveries from multiple suppliers with invoices left, right, and centre. The benefits of using a single supplier you can talk to at any time means they will put all your orders in one place, ready for next day delivery, and your orders and costs are kept visible and open for you to see.

Process Efficiency

Through more efficient business processes, you’ll save precious time and resource with reduced internal workloads. And with just one supplier, less effort needs to go into tracking supplier performance and managing relationships.

Service & Support

One supplier means you can enjoy consistent supplier service and responsiveness across all your sites and product areas. Our team of industry experts provide specialist advice and product knowledge to support your procurement teams and internal stakeholders in making the best decisions for your business. We offer you access to product innovations, alternatives and market information that your business may not otherwise have access to.

So, if you want to save time, effort, and – importantly – money when procuring office products across your multi-site business, why not give our team a call today?

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