Sharpen your Pencil

a row of carved pencils in various forms on white paper


I don’t think I’ll look at a blunt pencil in the same way again…

Artist Dalton M.Ghetti started learning to use tools from the young age of 6 at school in Brazil, with a razor blade or a pocket knife he would sharpen his pencils. Years later, he challenged himself to create the smallest possible carving that he could see with a naked eye.

He makes his sculptures from pencils found in the street, but it can sometimes take months or even years to complete because he slowly removes a speck one bit at a time.

Carved pencil nibs on white paper by Dalton M. Ghetti


Dalton says it’s his favourite hobby and a form of meditation. Perhaps we could introduce pencil carving in place of company yoga or team ping pong, hmmm…

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