Useful Lifehacks with Everyday Office Supplies

Here at Ben Johnson we get a little bit excited about Office Supplies (somebody has to, right?). We especially love it when we see the unusual ways that people use and adapt these everyday bits and bobs to make life a little more fun / simple / less messy. Discoveries like this are usually accompanied by exclamations of “why didn’t I think of that?!”, followed by a quick adoption of said hack and taking full credit for its genius.

Here we introduce our favourite Office Supplies Lifehacks.

We know. You can thank us later.

Cable Tidies

With all the different devices at our disposal, modern life can get a pretty tangled up unless you stay on top of it.


Attach some bulldog clips to the back edge of your desk and you need never forage for a loose cable end under your desk again.

Or if you’re a lego fan you could adopt one as a desk mascot and a cable tidy at the same time.


This old tape dispenser has been given a new lease of life as a headphone tidy. Just don’t scratch yourself on that jaggedy bit.

If you have a drawer full of wires, why not repurpose spent loo roll tubes to create a handy drawer tidy. Not the most glamorous of solutions but you are saving the environment, one loo roll at a time. (This could also work for undies drawers or a bits and bobs organiser at home. Just saying.)

Things you never knew you could do with a paperclip


Trying to find the end of the cellotape again? This time, secure a paperclip under the end when you’ve finished with it and you’ll never have to run your finger nails around the roll again. (in the interests of neutral reporting this also works with buttons… but we prefer a paperclip).

Not sure why you’d want to do this, maybe just morbid curiosity, but… roll a bit of cellotape – sticky side out – around the end of a paperclip and it’s a neat little microphone hole cleaner for your smartphone. Maybe some things are better left alone.

If you’re not keen on splashing out on a smartphone stand, you can manipulate the humble paperclip into a makeshift version of your own. As if you didn’t have enough distractions on your desk already…

Keyring woes


Getting a key off its loop is fraught with danger and difficulty. If you’ve ever ravaged that little bit under your thumbnail, broken a nail or ruined your manicure this one is for you. Use a staple remover to do the dirty work for you. Just look at those pointy fangs, it was built for a job like this…

Another one for Lego fans; this little key tidy is practical and will add a little joy to your office. Anyone who says otherwise has a heart of stone. Fact.

When your favourite clicky pen finally gives up the ghost.


We know it’s a sad moment when that pen gives it’s last ‘click’. Don’t be too sad though, you can recycle the plastic casing and re-purpose the internal spring. This little hack could save your charger leads from failing and you a ton of cash buying new ones. (There you go, we’re onto cables again.)

The humble Post-It Note

You can do a lot of creative stuff with a post-it note. These are a bit less glam.


If you just can’t be bothered with proper keyboard cleaning sprays, stick the sticky side of a PostIt down the cracks between your keys and you’ll be either horrified (or delighted) by what comes back.

For any DIY-ers out there: You no longer need a million hands to drill a hole and catch the dust that falls. Stick a Post-it underneath and jobs a goodun!

One of those CD thingies.

I’m pretty sure usage of writable CDs is at an all-time low right now. You maybe have a couple at home in the back of a cupboard, you may even have a fancy container for all the CDs you never used. Instead of chucking the lot (plastic-waste is baaaad) here are two brilliant uses we found for a redundant CD Spindle (it has a proper name!).


Back to cables again. Wind them round and pop the lid on. Brilliant.

And my favourite. A bagel holder. If you’re avoiding carbs you can turn away, but seriously, why didn’t I think of that?!


We always knew Office Supplies were pretty essential, now we know they’re like a gift that just keeps on giving. 


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