A Confidential R&D Lab

A Confidential R&D Lab

Sector: Labs & Specialist
Location: National
Date: May 2018
Size: Confidential

The Brief

The brief here was to relocate and expand an existing ‘tired’ laboratory into an alternative area of the building utilising much of the existing scientific equipment plus some new, with absolute minimum downtime for the laboratory during transition from old to new. Whilst the new lab had to have the look and feel of a laboratory it also had to be a place that would excite and motivate people to achieve their best.


The Solution

Ben Johnson designed the new laboratory layout in conjunction with the clients laboratory team to achieve suitable process flows, compliance with the highest standards of health and safety and to introduce new ways of working for the laboratory team. By way of example we needed to include collaboration space within the laboratory where the laboratory technicians could do their write-ups and undertake collaborative working. Previously they had used office space that was away from the laboratory, the new approach introduced a collaborative area within the lab but outside the hazardous controlled zone of the actual laboratory. Because the team needed continual direct access to a storage area for samples, high density storage was included within the laboratory. Previously the team were having to continually change into or out of their laboratory clothing to access samples that were stored in a remote area. The laboratory included sprinklers throughout so the high density storage had to be manufactured to include mesh shelving and tops to ensure that in the event of a fire the water from the sprinklers would penetrate right through the storage. The laboratory included a high concentration of services as well as a number of new and existing fume cupboards and balance benches. Occupation of the space was phased so that the equipment could be relocated in line with research programmes to minimise downtime to the absolute minimum.

The final product in all cases is first class and all new owners of their respective areas are very, very pleased and I genuinely hope that we can all work together again on a any future project that might arise.

Chris Fletcher

Contract Project Engineer | Unilever

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